Can my dentist in Banbury help with jaw issues?

Besides cosmetic problems and crooked teeth, there’s a lot more our talented team can help you with at our practice. For instance, if you have any ongoing issues with your jaw, our team can help diagnose the problem and get you on the way to a healthier and  happier smile.

Dentist in BanburyHere’s how your dentist in Banbury can help you solve your problem.

What are the signs?

As a quick aside, before you go off and book an appointment with our dentist in Banbury, here’s a few of the warning signs to keep an eye out for that might signal a visit to our practice.

One of the most common giveaways of an underlying jaw problem is if teeth start to become mis-aligned or flattened out. Because of the uneven amount of force being put on your teeth, they will start to wear away at odd angles, or slowly change position as you clench your jaw throughout the day.

You may also start to experience problems in the tempero-mandibular-joint, or TMJ as it’s more commonly known. The symptoms you may experience can range from a popping or clicking noise whilst eating, talking or through general movement of your jaw. The cause of these issues tends to be brought on through either overdevelopment of the mandibular muscle through excessive clenching or from direct trauma to the area.

Another sign is if there’s any pain whilst eating or talking, or if a general ache is felt in your jaw even if it’s not moving.

The next step

If you’re showing any of these symptoms, then don’t worry as there are things we can do to help. Your first step should be to contact us. At Amsel and Wilkins, our team will provide the highest level of professional care and courtesy as we help you heal.

Generally, when we get you in, an examination of the area will occur, with our team checking the area for swelling, breaks and how easy it is for you to move your jaw. After a diagnosis, if it can be treated in the practice, we will usually schedule you for a future treatment or provide home remedy recommendations. However, if it’s a more complex issue, then we would refer you to the appropriate health department for scanning and further treatment.

Options for treatment

If it’s nothing too serious, there are options for treatment in the practice. Normally we would recommend a series of relaxation treatments, with the intent of lowering your stress levels and reducing clenching, which can exacerbate jaw related issues.

This can be anything from recommendations for massages, yoga, aromatherapy, meditation or mindfulness techniques that help lower stress.

For more practical solutions we may also advise corrective surgical procedures or replacing teeth with implanted prosthetics, in order to even out your bite. We could also provide a protective mouth guard for you to wear at night, to shield your teeth against the grinding and clenching you do subconsciously throughout the night.

So, as you can see there’s a lot more we can offer you besides a clean and cosmetic treatments. If you’re experiencing any of the issues we’ve highlighted, or just want to get yourself checked out, then book an appointment at our practice today.