Go lighter

Interested in lighter, brighter teeth? Have you considered Tooth Whitening?

Bleaching in BanburyOne way to upgrade your smile that is simple and easy is to use bleaching in Banbury from us at Amsel & Wilkins. We have a great way to subtly and gradually lighten your teeth by carrying out the treatment yourself at home

Better than off-the-shelf

Some over the counter teeth-bleaching kits can be damaging to your teeth and gums or have little or no effect in ‘Whitening’ your teeth.

Bespoke gel trays

When you come to Amsel and Wilkins for bleaching, we take impressions or  scans of your teeth and use them to make you gel trays that fit your teeth exactly, which allows for more effective treatment, your dentist will show you exactly how to use Whitening treatment before you take it home and see you again to review how well the treatment is working.


As dentists, we can provide you with more effective gels than you can buy over the counter. The Whitening gel is made from hydrogen peroxide  and you will get more effective whitening over a shorter period of time.

Also, you can reuse the trays time and again, whenever you need to top-up your whitening.

Brighten your smile with professional bleaching in Banbury

Over time, most adult teeth become discoloured, yellowed or duller. You do not have to smoke, drink coffee or red wine to lose your sparkling smile. When we age so do our teeth, becoming more transparent and developing darker enamel.

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is perhaps the easiest and most common method to improve the colour of your teeth. At Amsel and Wilkins, we will boost your confidence in your smile with bleaching treatments that are custom-made to fit your individual needs.

Bleaching in BanburyWhat causes yellow teeth?

Tooth enamel is naturally white. Unfortunately, as it is worn down it becomes transparent and starts to show through to the next layer of the tooth underneath. This layer has a naturally yellower tone, so the thinner your tooth enamel becomes, the more yellow your teeth will look. Tooth enamel can become thinner due to a number of reasons and ageing is one of them. This is why people of a certain age tend to have yellow teeth. Other causes include caffeine, red wine, highly-pigmented foods and beverages and certain medications. Yellow teeth can also be the result of genetics.

How can teeth whitening help?

If you already have yellow teeth, teeth whitening is the fastest way to quickly brighten your smile. At Amsel and Wilkins, we offer home whitening which consists of custom-made bleaching trays that patients have to wear with bleaching gel at home for a few hours every day over a period of two weeks or so. This methods is very safe and offers effective results.

If you are a good candidate for teeth bleaching in Banbury, your dentist will discuss the process with you. Professional teeth whitening allows your dentist to choose the right method based on the condition and colouring of your teeth without hurting your enamel.

To learn more about our teeth whitening , please call us today.