Amsel & Wilkins: the dentist in Banbury for you

If you’ve been looking for a dentist in Banbury, you may have found it difficult to know where to start beyond typing in to a search engine and hoping for the best. At Amsel & Wilkins, we believe that providing affordable dentistry for the whole family using the latest technology and methods is an important part of providing great dental care. We put our patients’ needs at the heart of everything we do and we have a modern practice filled with friendly and knowledgeable staff; we’ve been here for over 40 years, so we like to think we’re getting it right.


Our treatments range from general dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dental care. We can treat patients of any age and we will take the time to listen to any concerns you may have.

Read on to find out about some of the treatments we have on offer.

Dental implants

If you have a missing tooth, several missing teeth, or even a whole set, we have a treatment that will leave you with replacement teeth that act like your natural ones. Some alternative solutions to missing teeth like dentures can be uncomfortable for the wearer and they can loosen when speaking and eating. With dental implants, you should not experience the embarrassment of your replacement teeth loosening thanks to the titanium screws which are attached to your jawbone and act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. These roots are firmly fitted in and should not move, and they should last a very long time, as long as you brush and floss regularly. Crowns, bridges and dentures can be added to the screws and the beauty of this is that they are made to match your natural teeth, so your friends and family won’t realise they aren’t your real teeth. The procedure can be carried out using local anaesthetic and further sedation is available for nervous patients – we completely understand dental anxiety and the extra support some patients need.

Porcelain veneers

If you have teeth which are stained or chipped, or teeth that aren’t aligned on top of each other, then porcelain veneers may be a great solution for you. Porcelain veneers look natural and don’t require a major procedure. All they consist of is a thin layer of tooth-coloured porcelain that is applied to the surface of your natural teeth. The shape of the veneer can be worked to close gaps, make the teeth appear more uniform and even look longer, if required. Veneers can be used on a single tooth or multiple teeth and have a long-lasting result.


It may not be the obvious thing to consider, but if you have issues with snoring and you have visited a sleep clinic, you may need an appliance to help reduce your snoring. Snoring can lead to a poor night’s sleep for both you and your loved one. Here at Amsel & Wilkins, we have a dentist who specialises in snoring treatment and can create a custom-fitted mandibular advancement appliance for patients struggling from the effects of sleep apnoea, where diet, smoking or drinking cessation hasn’t helped. The appliance is worn at night in the mouth and holds the jaw in a forward position to ensure the airway is kept open while you are sleeping and to reduce snoring.

If you would like to find out more about Amsel & Wilkins, your dentist in Banbury, we’re here and looking forward to meeting you and your family. We want the best for you and we’re committed to delivering high quality service and treatments that will make you smile!

Are you looking for a dentist in Banbury? Visit Amsel & Wilkins!

At Amsel & Wilkins, we know that affordable dental care for all the family is important. Visiting the dentist shouldn’t be seen as a luxury; it is a necessity for our oral hygiene. Finding a dentist in Banbury who can offer a range of services is also important for times when you have concerns that extend beyond general dentistry; whether you’d like to realign your teeth or make them a bit whiter, we’ve got you covered with an extensive range of treatments from cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics and facial aesthetics.


Read on to find out about why Amsel & Wilkins is the dentist in Banbury for you.

What we offer

At Amsel & Wilkins we have a wide range of treatments and have been established for over 40 years. With our modern practice, we offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to patients of any age. We use the latest technology and techniques in our treatments, so you can be sure that you are getting effective treatment and results to be proud of. Alongside our general dentistry, some of our popular cosmetic and restorative treatments are detailed below.


For patients who wish to realign their teeth, we have a discreet and convenient solution for mild to moderate alignment issues. Patients sometimes have anxiety and confidence issues related to the appearance of their smile, so we have a treatment that is designed to increase confidence both during treatment and after treatment has been completed. With Invisalign, this is not a fixed brace; it consists of sets of clear plastic aligners that can be removed when you are eating, drinking and playing sports or attending special occasions – the choice is yours! The aligners are made-to-measure for maximum comfort using an iTero scan that can produce a 3D animation of what your teeth will look like after treatment has been completed. The aligners apply gentle pressure to move the teeth gradually into the desired position. The great thing about the clear plastic aligners is that people shouldn’t notice that you are wearing them, which means that you can wear them with confidence knowing that people won’t be staring at your smile (other than to admire it!)

Teeth whitening

Nobody wants to have stained teeth and yet drinking tea, coffee and eating certain foods can exacerbate this issue. At Amsel & Wilkins, we have a convenient kit for you to use in the comfort of your own home. You will be given a lightweight plastic tray that will fit snugly over your teeth with a gentle whitening gel inside it. The gel is a safe bleaching agent and will need to be applied for a couple of hours a day or at night. Over 2 weeks or so, you should see your teeth becoming lighter and brighter!

Facial aesthetics

It may sound unusual going to the dentist about fine lines and wrinkles, but dentists are actually experts in facial anatomy. They can also carry out delicate work with relative ease. We offer wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. Wrinkle treatment involves an injectable aesthetic solution which relaxes the wrinkles. Dermal fillers are a sterile hyaluronic gel which plumps the skin and makes it look smoother and more youthful.

If you would like to find out more about our extensive range of treatments, give your dentist in Banbury a call and we will get you on route to a healthy and happy smile.

Amsel & Wilkins: Making us your choice of Dentist in Banbury

At Amsel & Wilkins Dental Practice, we know that you want a friendly practice that can meet all of your needs under one roof, whether you need general, cosmetic or restorative dentistry. We understand that your time is precious and being referred to different practices for your dental needs isn’t practical. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatments in one place. Whether you require general dental care, bespoke children’s preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants or even help with snoring, we are here for you. We use the latest techniques and technology in our treatments, offering you bespoke care that delivers the best results. Read on to find out more about our teeth straightening services.


Straighten up your smile!

Some adults dream of straightening up their misaligned teeth. This can be difficult when faced with the thought of a metallic smile that is reminiscent of high school teenagers with acne and dating nightmares. Thankfully, you don’t have to revisit your youth to get your teeth straightened; you need Invisalign. Invisalign is suitable for mild to moderate misalignment issues. It consists of clear plastic aligners that are made bespoke for your mouth using 3D scanning technology. From these scans, you can also see an animation of how your teeth will look like after treatment, to really get you excited about what your Dentist in Banbury can help you achieve!

What type of issues does Invisalign correct?

Invisalign can be used to help with gapped teeth or straightening and realigning teeth. If you have an initial consultation with your Dentist in Banbury at Amsel & Wilkins, we will be able to advise if this is the best course of treatment for you. Invisalign also has a range specific for teenagers if your children need to realign their teeth as well.

How does Invisalign work?

The aligners sit close to the gumline and apply gentle pressure to the teeth, moving them gradually into the desired position. You don’t need to wear them when you eat and drink, so you won’t need to deal with any messy clean up operations after a relaxing dinner with friends! The beauty of aligners is that you will have the flexibility to take them out for special occasions or sports, for example, and when you are wearing them, people shouldn’t really notice that they are in your mouth. It’s a discreet and convenient solution to teeth straightening. Forget the ‘metal mouth’ comments that teens used to endure when they were at school, this is hi-tech comfort and style that shouldn’t even be noticed until you flash your brilliant new smile at everybody. Bring on the compliments – we all like those!


If you would like to find out more about Invisalign, or any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a warm and friendly service from the reception through to our treatment rooms. We are happy to have a consultation to discuss any of your concerns about your teeth and we will advise on the best course of treatment for you. With our expertise and understanding approach, we will have you smiling your best smile. Let us lead on!

Amsel & Wilkins: A Dentist in Banbury for you

Finding a dentist in Banbury can be overwhelming with so many to choose from, especially when you want to pick one who you can trust. At Amsel & Wilkins, we offer a wide range of services from general dentistry and orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry. If you’re looking for the latest technology and treatments, we have the experience to deliver exceptional dental care.


Read on to find out about one of our popular treatments: Dental Implants.

What are they?

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may be feeling embarrassed and lacking in self-esteem. This doesn’t need to be the case with the right treatment. Talking to your dentist in Banbury about the options available may result in different solutions; at Amsel & Wilkins, implants offer a discreet and convenient long-term solution.

Implants are titanium screws that are attached to the jaw bone. They act as artificial roots to which replacement teeth can be attached, such as crowns or bridges.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants ensure that your replacement teeth are securely fitted, meaning that you can eat and drink whatever you want. You can also brush and floss as normal, that your replacement teeth last a long time – if not, forever! The beauty of dental implants is that they won’t be as noticeable as artificial teeth. They will look and feel natural, giving you the confidence to smile with ease. As such, many people prefer them to dentures which can be loose fitting and uncomfortable at times. In fact, even dentures can be attached to implants to prevent movement.

Although dental implants have been around for 30 years, the technology has improved and it is now even possible to have a whole set of teeth replaced in the same day. Your dentist in Banbury can offer treatment with just local anaesthetic in most cases, meaning that you won’t have to undergo major surgery for the procedure.

Are there any issues I may need to be aware of?

In some cases, when teeth have been missing, bone recession can occur. This can result in a sunken mouth appearance, which will be rectified when the teeth are replaced. If there is not enough bone to attach the screws to, a bone graft may be required. Your dentist will be able to tell you if this is necessary during the consultation. The good news is, many people are eligible for this course of treatment. Bring on the secure smiles!

What do I need to do next?

If you’re looking for a dentist for any area of dental treatments, Amsel & Wilkins are here to help. We look forward to welcoming all of our patients and if you do require dental implants, remember that opting for these will give you a natural looking smile that will last and allow you to eat and drink naturally too. By simply booking in for a consultation, we can look at all your dental needs and help you to get the right treatment for you. There’s no reason to put off having a wonderful smile and treating yourself to the look you want.

Experiencing cosmetic dentistry from a Dentist in Banbury

It’s a natural law of life that over time most things tend to deteriorate or get worse in some way. Whilst this isn’t the case for everything; fine wines and whiskies can improve greatly when they are left to mature over a long period of time, taking a look at a piece of rusted metal or a slice of bread that has gone mouldy, it is easy to see how things can deteriorate in quality and appearance as time goes by. Unfortunately the same is true for the human body and all of its constituent parts. One part of the body that this is especially true for is the teeth. This is because teeth are subject to damage from food, air and even from grinding against each other every single day. Over time this damage gradually builds up and it can lead to having teeth that are not particularly aesthetically pleasing, i.e. they appear more discoloured or broken in some places. Following a strict dental hygiene routine, for example by brushing teeth regularly and keeping a close eye on the types of food and drink that you consume, can be very effective in keeping the teeth white and strong. However, sometimes this alone is not enough and in these cases it is time to visit a Dentist in Banbury. A Dentist in Banbury will be able to tell you about many of the different cosmetic options available to you which can improve the aesthetic quality of your smile.


Naturally, many people may be wondering about the cosmetic benefits of visiting a Dentist in Banbury specifically. This is because our modern family dental practice – Amsel & Wilkins is based in Banbury. Here at Amsel & Wilkins our team are committed to giving our patients the highest quality dentistry using the latest dental technologies and techniques. We also take the time to get to know our patients so that we can understand them and thus take the best course of action for their mouth and their smile.

Examples of Cosmetic Dentistry

One major concern for a lot of people when it comes to oral health and appearance is that their teeth are not as straight as they might like. There are a few ways to treat non straight teeth but one of the more discrete and modern ways is Invisalign. Invisalign is a treatment that consists of a set of aligners that are worn by a patient for approximately 20-22 hours a day which gradually realign non straight teeth into a straighter position. The major advantage of this treatment is that the aligners are almost invisible, meaning that nobody will know that you are having this treatment done unless you choose to tell them.

Teeth whitening is also a common form of cosmetic dentistry, and it can help people who feel their teeth have been stained by food or drink. Often this treatment is performed at home, with the dentist prescribing their patient a plastic mouth tray with whitening gel inside, which the patient can then choose to wear at night or for a few hours a day during their normal daily routine.

Taking the advice from a Dentist in Banbury about smoking

There was a decent period of history in which there was widespread misinformation about smoking and its effects. If we take a look at some of the posters and advertisements designed by cigarette and tobacco companies from the early 1900s, we can see that smoking was often encouraged as if it were beneficial to a smoker’s health. Of course, those advertisements were made a long time ago, before researchers were able to determine with certainty that smoking actually can lead to a plethora of nasty and dangerous health conditions. Because of this research, there is far less misinformation about smoking today than there used to be years ago. However, this does not mean that everybody is entirely well informed about smoking and its effects. Indeed, many people still underestimate the risks of smoking and don’t know about many of the different areas of the body that it can damage. For example, many think that smoking can only really cause damage to a smoker’s lungs, however it can actually cause a lot of damage to a smoker’s mouth and be extremely detrimental to their overall oral health. This is why many dental professionals nowadays will advise their patients against smoking. In fact if a patient asks a dentist in Banbury, the dentist can tell them all about the risks of smoking and can offer them help and support to quit. Another good reason to talk to a dentist in Banbury about smoking is that they will be knowledgeable about how smoking is linked to mouth cancer and can potentially offer patients a screening to help detect the early signs of it. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the specific advice and help that a dentist in Banbury can give about quitting smoking and why it is worth seeking them out.


While looking for a dentist in Banbury for any purpose, we invite you to consider our practice, Amsel & Wilkins. At Amsel and Wilkins we are incredibly proud and passionate about all the dental services that we offer. This is demonstrated by our friendly and professional dental team who are always keeping up to date with the latest developments in modern dental care. This means that we can always offer our patients the highest quality treatments and advice and ensures we always put them first.

Smoking cessation and Mouth Cancer screenings

As mentioned earlier, smoking can cause a lot of damage to your mouth, including mouth cancer and many other gum and periodontal diseases. However it is also important to note that smoking has a lot of other negative effects such as bad breath, jawbone loss and a decreased sense of taste and smell.

For mouth cancer specifically, having a screening can dramatically increase a patient’s chances of recovery given that it can lead to early detection. The screening is a short procedure that thoroughly examines the patient’s entire mouth to check for any risk factors so that patients can be treated as soon as possible. It is recommended that patients come for screening once a year, however you should come as quickly as possible if you detect any sores, lumps or long-term ulcers in your mouth.

Unsure if you need an urgent dentist appointment? 5 issues that require emergency treatment

It is a well-known fact that if you wake up at 4 am with a throbbing pain under one of your teeth, you need to see a dental team as soon as possible.


While many people may feel embarrassed about attending their dental surgery with an emergency, urgent dental treatment is so commonly seen across dental surgeries that many dedicate slots each day to dental emergencies, meaning you won’t have to be in discomfort too long!

But, what about dental emergencies that are not necessarily uncomfortable? Unfortunately, pain is not the sole indicator of a dental emergency, meaning that you may be overlooking several conditions that actually require urgent treatment. Yikes!

At Amsel and Wilkins, if you have a dental emergency, we will always aim to see you within 24 hours. We will endeavour to get you out of pain as quickly as possible, allowing you to get on with your day as planned. While we cannot guarantee that you will see your regular dentist in Banbury, we will always make sure that you are treated with TLC and that you leave our surgery in a more comfortable state.

But what are some of the dental emergencies that our dentist in Banbury sees on a regular basis?


A universal indicator that you require an urgent appointment with our dentist in Banbury is discomfort. Depending on the severity of the discomfort, it could indicate a variety of issues, such as abscesses, injuries or even damaged teeth. Regardless of the underlying cause, if you are experiencing dental pain that is impacting on your ability to function, call our team for an urgent appointment.

Chipped or cracked teeth

Often overlooked as a minor inconvenience, if you have a crack or chip in any of your teeth, you need to see our team promptly. Although these issues are not always painful, they can cause issues with sensitivity and may allow bacteria to get underneath your enamel, where abscesses or decay can begin to form. So, if you lost a bit of your tooth playing rugby last week, come and see our team to have it fixed!

Lost crown or filling

Like the chips and cracks, the loss of a filling or crown is not always uncomfortable. The moment you feel your filling loosening or notice that your crown has come off, contact our team to have it replaced as soon as possible. Just like the unattended chips in teeth, delaying treatment can lead to more serious issues.


Painful or painless swelling anywhere the mouth or under the jaw requires urgent addressing.

Indicative of everything from an abscess to an impacted wisdom tooth, it is best to have any swelling examined by your dental team, to prevent more dangerous developments from occurring, such as breathing issues.

Lost or loose braces

Of course, if your braces come loose, you will need to contact your orthodontist, but an emergency trip to our team can help to secure any loose brackets or wires with dental cement.

Just discovered you are pregnant? 4 reasons to visit our dentist at Amsel & Wilkins

If you have just discovered that you or your partner are pregnant, congratulations! The next few months will be full of medical appointments to ensure that both you and your baby are healthy, and of course, you will want to reduce any stress as much as possible. However, while you may be planning your meeting with your midwife and GP, it is also important to book an appointment with your dental team as soon as possible.


As odd as it may sound, dental care is an important aspect of prenatal medicine, as issues with the teeth and gums can cause problems during and after pregnancy. Of course, with all the seemingly more relevant appointments you will have to attend, it is easy to overlook your dental health but for the benefit of you and your baby, it is important to book a dental check-up as soon as you discover you are pregnant.

At Amsel and Wilkins, our dental team has helped thousands of women keep their dental health in top shape during pregnancy, allowing for both a healthier pregnancy and healthier birth. Our dentist in Banbury can provide prescription-strength toothpaste and mouthwash to help you tackle the inevitable dental changes that will occur during those all-important 9 months. Perfect!

So, what are some of the common dental problems that our dentist in Banbury has seen in pregnant women? Read on to find out!

Gum disease

While gum disease can obviously occur without pregnancy, during those 9 months, you are more likely to experience swelling, bleeding and sensitivity around the gums. Due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone, the surface of the gums can become more porous and inflamed, leading to periodontal issues like gingivitis. Our dentist in Banbury will be able to reduce the inflammation and discomfort associated with these conditions by offering you a scale and polish clean, while also prescribing a medicated toothpaste and mouthwash.


Pregnancy can also cause enamel to become thinner, meaning that you are more likely to develop cavities. Once again, our team can help by applying fluoride sealants to your teeth to protect them, while also providing you with medicated washes to remove any lingering bacteria.


While it may sound odd to say ‘don’t panic’ when the word tumour is involved, gum tumours are a common occurrence in pregnancy. Often resolving once you have given birth, these tumours are typically benign but, if they get too large, they can cause issues with both eating and breathing. If you are concerned about any growths in your mouth, talk to our dental team at Amsel and Wilkins about your treatment options.

Acid damage

With morning sickness and unusual cravings, it is likely that during your pregnancy your teeth will succumb to acid damage. Once again, our team at Amsel and Wilkins can help by providing you with a medicated mouthwash aimed at neutralising any acid. We can also apply fluoride sealants to the surface of your teeth, to strengthen the enamel against acid damage.

Treating tooth sensitivity at a dentist in Banbury

Many people have felt it and cringed, that shooting sensation when you eat or drink something too hot or cold. The pain of tooth sensitivity is no joke and we at Amsel & Wilkins know how unenjoyable life can get when you have to avoid certain foods. If you are struggling with this issue we advise that you see your local dentist in Banbury to consult on your tooth sensitivity issues and help you get back to more pleasant eating and drinking experiences.


The cause and treatment of tooth sensitivity

Feeling pain in a tooth seemingly out of the blue can be an indication of a cavity which is a separate issue from tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity can affect one or all of your teeth and is caused by the complete erosion or thinning of tooth enamel. This hard enamel covers the sensitive area of the tooth and protects it but if you’ve been brushing your teeth too hard or have a very hard toothbrush or grind your teeth at night, this enamel can wear down. Acidic food as well as gastrointestinal acids can also wear down tooth enamel and need to be eliminated in order to protect the teeth.

While your dentist in Banbury will beagle to discuss a new oral care regime with you to help lessen the sensitivity, there are other things that can be done to lessen your discomfort:

Desensitizing toothpaste – while this doesn’t treat the problem of thinning tooth enamel, it does numb and blocks the pain of sensitivity after brushing. There are a number of these products available over the counter and your dentist can recommend which one is best for you.

Fluoride – this can be applied to your teeth by your dentist to strengthen the enamel you have left, thus allowing for a less sensitive feeling on the teeth. You may also receive a fluoride treatment to do yourself at home where you apply the product to a special tray and place it over the teeth.

Bonding – in some cases where the enamel has eroded and exposed the root, a bonding resin can be applied to the area that is prone to sensitivity and this will close it off and protect it from further damage.

Surgical Gum Graft – a piece of gum can be taken from anywhere inside the mouth and attach to another area of gum that has receded and exposed the roots of the tooth making it sensitive to biting and extreme temperatures. This is a procedure that can take place under anesthetic.

Depending on the severity of your enamel loss, your dentist in Banbury will provide you with a course of action that best suits your needs but in order to avoid damage to the teeth, you should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and be gentle when brushing. In the case of tooth grinding at night, you can speak to us about a mouth guard or appliance to protect the teeth. Using fluoride toothpaste can help too and avoiding acidic drinks like alcohol and fizzy juices will help prevent erosion.

Facial aesthetics at a dentist in Banbury

Gone are the days where you have to set aside a massive amount of your time to get an invasive and dangerous facelift surgery or spend a fortune on skincare only to barely see anti-aging results. At Amsel & Wilkins, we know how busy you are, so we are here to take care of the little things while you get on with life. Facial aesthetics have never been easier than simply stepping into the practice of your dentist in Banbury during your lunch hour and getting a few tweaks here and there.


Why the dentist?

It may seem like a bit of a strange place to receive antiaging treatments but dentists actually have a very thorough medical knowledge of facial anatomy and understand that your wrinkles and sagging are not only skin deep but are due to a loss in the molecular structure deep within and beneath the skin. They know where your facial muscles sit and how to best enhance your natural features in the most flattering way.

What we offer

Wrinkle treatments – known as “botox” injections, can soften the expression lines in different areas on your face giving you a rejuvenated look that has a more youthful and fresh appearance; by using botulinum toxin which is injected in small amounts into the tiny facial muscles that cause areas of expression like frown lines or laugh lines to deepen, the product is able to relax those targeted areas by blocking the nerve impulses to them thus softening the lines and creating a smoother appearance to the skin.

This treatment at your dentist in Banbury is very quick, taking only about 5-10 minutes and is virtually painless in treating frown lines, forehead lines, eyebrows, crows feet, lines around the mouth, and the “smokers lines” on the top lip. Results can be seen is as little as 4-7 days and for optimum long-lasting effects, we recommend going for a top-up every 3 months to keep a youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers – while botox relaxes the muscles to soften your age lines, dermal fillers plump them up to give you a fuller, more youthful look. Dermal fillers usually use some form of sterile hyaluronic acid which the body produces naturally. This substance can be injected into areas on the face where wrinkles have become apparent and can also be used to contour the face and neck to a more youthful and desirable appearance like filling out the cheekbones, filling in the tear trough which appears more sunken with age plumping up the lips and even shaping the jaw.

This treatment is performed under a local anesthetic allowing you to feel no pain while the injectables are administered and the results of dermal fillers at your dentist in Banbury are immediately allowing you to walk away with the enhanced features you’ve always wanted. The fillers can last 6-12 months and a top-up is required when they eventually dissolve, to maintain your fresh, plump appearance.

It takes some effort to look young and fresh but not nearly as much as it used to with the different injectables we have on offer to best suit your antiaging needs.