Meet the team at our dental clinic

At our dentist in Banbury, we are pleased to offer our patients a wide selection of dental professionals in our clinic. Our dental establishment not only provides our patients with highly qualified dentists, but also a team of hygienists and nurses, all of whom hold an advanced level of training, to deliver our patients with the highest standard of dentistry. One example of our excellent team is John Adams. John completed further postgraduate dental training and qualified from the University of Dundee, he can administer dental implants, as well as help patients with jaw concerns.

A dental provider you can trust

Choosing a dental clinic can be tough, patients may base their decision on a wide array of factors, such as proximity, convenience and costing. We have over forty years of dental experience, as well as offering the latest advancements in dental technologies, we display a wide array of patient reviews on our website, which we believe is evidence of the high standard of dentistry we provide.

The multiple forms of dentistry we offer at our dentist in Banbury

As well as offering general routine dentistry with our dentist in Banbury (including root canal, and emergency dental care), we also offer our patients cosmetic services, preventive dentistry and facial aesthetics. We believe that it is important to attend to all of our patients’ needs, delivering a wide scale of services, from family dentistry for children, to Botox and facial aesthetics for adults.

What is cosmetic dentistry, and why may I consider receiving cosmetic dentistry at your dentist in Banbury?

Cosmetic dentistry is essentially a form of dentistry that aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient’s teeth, and mouth. Cosmetic dentistry has grown greatly in popularity within recent years, and can dramatically increase a patient’s self-esteem. Patients who may be considering receiving cosmetic dentistry may be suffering from intrinsic and extrinsic staining of the teeth (caused by the consumption of highly pigmented food and drink), as well as other concerns which cannot be fixed by orthodontics, such as gaps between the teeth which can be amended through the use of veneers.

Some examples of the cosmetic treatments we offer

Just a few examples of cosmetic dentistry we provide are Invisalign (a form of subtle orthodontics), veneers, white fillings, and porcelain crowns. All of our cosmetic dentistry aspires to be discreet within the mouth, meaning dental improvements can be made, without being noticed.

Taking the first step to your dream smile

We understand that embarking on any form of dentistry can be both an emotional and financial investment, which is why we strive to make the process as easy and as comfortable as possible for our patients. Many of our patients may feel more comfortable enquiring directly via a telephone call (our number is located on our website), however some may prefer to book an initial consultation directly on our website. Whether you are too busy to give us a call, or you may simply prefer filling in your queries and concerns online, we are always prepared to welcome new patients to our clinic.

Why is it important to visit your local dentist regularly?

At our dentist in Banbury we advise our patients to come and visit our clinic every six months. Attending a local dental check-up is extremely important, and can help prevent the development of more severe dental diseases such as gum disease. At our dental practice in Banbury we prioritise our patients’ dental health, which is why we offer them general routine dentistry, as well as more complex forms of dentistry (such as cosmetic, and restorative dentistry).

Why might some patients miss their scheduled oral check-up?

Many patients may not be aware of the importance of routine dental appointments, and may also feel as if they are too busy. Patients with hectic work and social lives may refrain from visiting their local dental clinic, however we aim to accommodate our busy patients with flexible opening hours, we are even open on Saturdays! Aside from diary plans, patients may also suffer from dental anxiety, which can lead to their reluctance towards having a dental check-up. A dental phobia can be triggered by negative childhood experiences, which can unfortunately be carried into adulthood.

What to expect from a dental check-up at your dentist in Banbury

Many patients (especially those who are anxious when visiting the dentist) may feel more comfortable knowing what to expect from a dental appointment, which is why we always aim to inform and educate our patients. During a dental check-up one of our dental health care professionals will first ask our patients whether they have any trouble areas, for example any teeth with heightened sensitivity to cold or hot food, or drink. Once any problem areas are detected, a general oral assessment can be administered, including any X-rays or oral cancer screenings.

What next?

Once our dentist in Banbury has given your mouth a general examination, they may decide that you would benefit from a scale and polish. A scale and polish is a rigorous cleaning treatment which can be completed within a few short minutes. A scale and polish aims to eliminate the build-up of tartar and plaque on the surface of the teeth, which can cause oral diseases if left untreated.

Why choose us to deliver your routine dentistry

Our dentist in Banbury boasts a wide array of dental professionals including dentists, hygienists, and a welcoming reception team, all of whom hold a passion for the delivery of the customer service they provide to our patients. Our dental clinic has been established for over forty years, and we welcome patients of all ages and dental complexities. We embody compassion in everything we do, as well as working within a clean, and modern dental environment. Our clinic aims to embrace the many modern advances within dental technology, allowing our patients to receive the highest quality of treatment available on the market.

An alternative perspective

Our clinic understands that patient reviews are extremely important, this is why we choose to display a wide array of testimonials on our clinic website. We publish digital case studies, as well as written patient reviews, which we believe exemplify the high standard of dentistry we provide and deliver every day.

When would a dentist recommend tooth extractions?

One of the most dreaded of all dental procedures is a tooth extraction. We know that no patient wants to hear that they need, for whatever reason, a tooth pulled. Our dentist in Banbury will first focus on saving the tooth or teeth in question before recommending an extraction. Of course the most reliable way for patients to avoid tooth extractions is to have their dental health regularly checked by a dentist in Banbury. Spotting symptoms such as the formation of cavities or decaying teeth early will allow a dental professional to put in place timely preventive measures, such as fillings and root canal treatments, that will save a tooth.


There are certain situations when a dentist in Banbury may find that a tooth extraction would be the best dental procedure to help a patient obtain full dental health. This course of treatment may be suggested when nothing else can be done to save it, or if there are orthodontic concerns such as an overcrowded mouth.

Types of tooth extraction procedures

Tooth extractions are divided into two categories: simple extractions and surgical procedures. Simple extractions are the chosen method for extracting teeth that are visible and within easy reach of the dentist’s instruments. A local anaesthetic is usually provided. For those teeth where access is more of a challenge, a surgical extraction may be necessary. This procedure requires general anaesthesia.

Three common reasons why permanent teeth may need extracting

  • Severe tooth decay

The most common reason for an extraction procedure is when the severity of tooth damage or decay is too advanced and beyond repair. Tooth decay is a progressive condition and the longer a patient avoids the dentist, the worse the situation becomes, until there is no other option but to extract the tooth. A decayed tooth, if not removed, may compromise gum health as well as neighbouring teeth.

  • Facial trauma that results in injury to the teeth

Another top reason for a tooth extraction is injury or breakage as a result of facial trauma. Trauma can be caused due to a vehicle accident, sports injury or even sometimes as a result of aggressive chewing.

If this breakage results in the loss of much of the visible surface area of the tooth, an extraction may be the only option as there is not much left of the tooth on which to attach an artificial restoration method.

  • Removal of a troublesome wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth can, for some patients, present a number of challenges that risk dental health; it can lead to overcrowding issues and the lack of space can cause severe discomfort. Another related concern are the challenges in keeping an overcrowded mouth clean and healthy.

If a patient is considering a tooth extraction, it is critical that they discuss all their options with our dentist to replace the missing tooth or teeth. It is not in the interest of a patient’s dental health to have a tooth missing, as this leads to all sorts of other undesirable outcomes.

Amsel & Wilkins Dental Clinic has highly skilled dentists experienced in performing tooth extractions to the highest standards in the industry. Your comfort is a top priority. Get in touch with our office today to schedule a dental appointment.

When should you make an appointment to see the dentist?

Patients can often tell they need to see their doctor when they have a physical injury or feel unwell. Such issues are glaringly obvious that all is not well with their bodies and medical attention is needed. Patients often ask why they need to visit a dental practitioner even if they do not exhibit any symptoms or telltale signs that there is a problem.


When it comes to dental health, however, being able to tell that there is a problem may be slightly more challenging. This is because numerous dental issues do not produce pain or discomfort and need the experienced and knowing eye of a dentist in Banbury to detect a problem.

It is quite common for patients to only seek dental care when they experience debilitating discomfort. By this time, what could have been easily treated by a dentist in Banbury has escalated to a more worrying concern – often requiring more complicated dental treatment. It is only with hindsight that patients realise that neglecting visiting the dentist in Banbury for routine professional dental care results in spending more money for corrective dental procedures and more time to have these procedures carried out. It is for these reasons that we urge our patients to make those check-up appointments at the clinic, to avoid the inconvenience and expense of treating progressive dental issues.

Six top signs a visit to the dentist is necessary

Dental check-ups are essential and definitely worth the effort in preventing minor dental issues from progressing further, as a dentist can implement timely measures that stop their advancement.

  • Inflammation

Any type of swelling, tenderness or inflammation in the mouth is an indication that an appointment with a dental professional should be moved up the priority list. There are a number of reasons for these symptoms and a dentist is best able to find the underlying cause and suggest suitable treatment.

  • Bleeding

A common sign that a patient has a problem with their gum health is bleeding when they brush over them or try to floss them. Gum disease is a serious risk to dental and general health and the sooner a patient receives dental care, the easier it is to treat the condition.

  • Previous dental work having been received

Some procedures, such as dental implants, require regular check-ups to ascertain all is well with the treatment carried out and to make certain there are no risk factors that may place the end result in danger of failure.

  • A patient has existing chronic medical conditions

Patients with existing medical problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular issues have more need to see the dentist. Poor dental health can aggravate these conditions.

  • Pregnancy

Pregnant women are more likely to experience dental issues such as pregnancy gingivitis and tooth enamel erosion. Such dental concerns mean seeking dental care, and regular dental cleanings during this time are critical.

  • Dry mouth

Few patients realise that dry mouth is a worrying concern and seek dental help. The mouth needs an adequate amount of saliva to be present to keep the mouth clean and acid and bacteria free. It is important to consult a dentist for advice if a patient experiences dry mouth.

At Amsel & Wilkins our dentists care as much about fixing teeth and gum issues as they do about preventing dental problems. A key step in ensuring dental health is to have quality dental check-ups. Schedule a check-up with one of our dentists today.

Tired of snoring impacting on your life? Rest assured, our dentist at Amsel & Wilkins can help!

Do you wake up in the night to your partner poking you in the ribs, telling you to stop snoring? Have you been exiled to the spare room or sofa? If so, it is time to get help!


Even if you don’t have a partner to share your bed with, snoring can cause havoc in your day to day life. Many people who snore feel tired throughout the day, are more prone to sore throats and may even find their mental health begins to suffer as a result.

It may seem odd to approach a dental surgery to resolve snoring problems, but there are many things we can do.

At Amsel & Wilkins, our dentist in Banbury can offer you a range of options to help you stop snoring. We know how important those forty winks are and we want to help you, and anyone you may share your bed with, to get a restful night’s sleep.

What causes snoring?

First and foremost, it is important for our dentist in Banbury to examine your mouth and throat to establish the underlying issue that may be causing you to snore.

Many of our patients who snore suffer from a condition known as obstructive sleep apnoea. This causes you to stop breathing for up to ten seconds or more during sleep and is often the result of the lower jaw sliding backward and obstructing the airway.

Lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, age and even undiagnosed conditions like diabetes can cause sleep apnoea, but some people are just unlucky!

How we can help

Rest assured that our dentist in Banbury can help you.

Depending on the cause of your snoring and/or sleep apnoea, we can offer you different devices, tests and advice to help you manage this condition.

Sleep study

If your doctor has not already recommended this, our team will refer you for a sleep study.

This will be to assess your snoring for any patterns and to examine the severity of it on your sleep.

Sleep studies involve having electrodes placed on your head while you sleep; not the most flattering look, but this will help the neurologists to determine how much your sleep is affected.


Moderate to heavy snorer?

At Amsel & Wilkins, we can offer you a device known as a mandibular appliance; these hold your lower jaw in a forward position while you sleep, preventing it from sliding backwards and causing the obstruction.

These devices are custom fitted, so they will be comfortable enough to wear at night.

Lifestyle advice

As previously mentioned, lifestyle can often play a factor in snoring, so if you are a regular consumer of alcohol, you smoke or you take barbiturate based sleeping tablets, we can advise you on how to manage your lifestyle, while controlling your snoring.

If you regularly consume sleeping tablets, you will also need to consult your doctor about suitable alternatives

Tired of snoring disrupting your life? Call us today at Amsel & Wilkins!

Worried about your oral health during pregnancy? Come to Amsel & Wilkins for prenatal dentistry

When you find out that you, your partner or a family member is pregnant, it is a time of great joy and anticipation. With so many things to plan like baby showers, nursery decorations and gender reveal parties, as an expectant mother, it is easy to overlook some of the ways to keep yourself and your baby healthy.


Many women often feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of medical appointments they need to attend and therefore overlook that much needed dental appointment.

At Amsel & Wilkins, our dentist in Banbury is experienced in looking after pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and can help identify and treat common dental issues that arise during those all important nine months and beyond.

But how can pregnancy impact on your oral health and why is it important to visit our dentist in Banbury? Read on to find out!

Gum disease

You are probably well aware of how your or your loved one’s hormones will impact the body throughout pregnancy.

However, it is common for these same hormones to cause the gums to become more sensitive to the already present bacteria in the mouth, making you more susceptible to gum inflammation and bleeding when brushing; this is known as gestational gingivitis.

Our dentist in Banbury can check for and treat gestational gingivitis, by removing any plaque forming on your teeth and by prescribing you a special mouthwash to use everyday.

Tooth decay

The last thing you need during your pregnancy is a toothache!

Throughout the course of pregnancy, many women experience morning sickness, odd food cravings and develop a sweet tooth; this all leads to acid build-up in your mouth. Women who also suffer from extreme fatigue during pregnancy are less likely to brush and floss, creating a perfect storm of bacteria in the mouth, which can cause dental decay.

Our dental team can help.

We can recommend to you the strongest toothpastes to alleviate plaque accumulation, can prescribe an acid neutralising mouthwash and provide you with a soft bristled toothbrush, so you don’t irritate your gum line when brushing.


Lasty, you or your partner may be one of the few women who develop growths in their mouths during pregnancy.

Don’t panic! This is quite normal and these growths are known as ‘pregnancy tumours’, although the name is hardly reassuring. These growths often occur during the second trimester of pregnancy and are usually caused by extra plaque building up on your teeth near the gum line. The growth may bleed, become crusty or even turn purple in colour, setting alarm bells ringing.

If you think you have a pregnancy tumour that is causing pain, or difficulty eating or speaking, then come to Amsel & Wilkins. We know that these benign growths will usually disappear after your baby is born, but if they are causing you difficulty in your day to day life, our team may choose to remove them. We will discuss with you how to prevent them from regrowing, and provide you with specialised mouthwashes and toothpastes.

What can I expect from a dentist in Banbury?

Do you wish you had a dentist in your local area that could fulfill every dental need you have, all under one roof? Amsel & Wilkins, dentists in Banbury, are well established, with over 40 years of experience, just waiting on hand to assist you.

The dentist is so expensive


Does this sound like something you often say to yourself? Something you have been conditioned to believe after seeing all the expensive adverts on television, promising Hollywood smiles, but at sky high prices? You can forget that myth and change your whole perception of what a good smile costs. You no longer need to let your financial situation stand in the way of your oral health care. We accept most credit cards, cheques and even cash, meaning visiting the dentist is a lot easier than it has ever been before. We usually take payments at the end of the procedure on the day, but after a friendly conversation with a member of our reception team, we will be happy to set up standing orders for those who are waiting for their payday or need a more convenient time to pay for their treatment. Whatever your budget, your local dentist in Banbury is ready to help.

What we offer you

From general dentistry such as everyday check-ups or emergency dental care, to cosmetic care, such as facial aesthetics and wrinkle reduction, we offer a wide range of services suited to fit the whole family. We also offer teeth whitening, for those who don’t have problems with their teeth or insecurities, but just simply wish their smile was whiter. We really want to get to know our patients and we spend time establishing a strong working relationship with you to make sure you feel as comfortable and happy as possible whilst with us. We strive to understand you, and your problems, and therefore this allows us to do our best to make you fully happy with your smile.

With convenient parking in the street housing the practice so you can just walk straight in, there is no reason now to not visit your friendly neighbourhood dentist in Banbury. Don’t have any cash on you? Just give your registration plate details and it is possible to pay for your parking ticket on your phone!

What’s the procedure?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our welcoming, professional and empathetic co-ordinator who will take you into a private room so we can discuss with you what your worries may be, what you want to get from us in terms of treatments, and what the desired outcome of the process will be. There will never be any surprises to your bank account or any moment in time where you are feeling confused or at a loss as to what is going on – we make an effort to ensure that, at every stage of the process, you are fully informed and up-to-date with any procedure. This includes explaining every treatment and the pros and cons of this, as well as a final estimate of the total cost at the end of it.

With every process under one roof and a welcoming, gentle team on hand ready to assist you, it has never been easier than today to register with your professional, successful dentist in Banbury – so why wait? The smile you know that you deserve is just around the corner, and is only a click away.

Finding a dentist that fulfills all of your dental needs has never been easier!

Who are we?

A family orientated, modern practice with a wide range of facilities and treatments, we have been open and operating for over 40 years. From general everyday dentistry that you might need such as check-ups, treatment for jaw problems and emergency dental care, to cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening and wrinkle treatments, we are available and on hand to assist you no matter what you need help with. All you have to do is call your friendly dentist in Banbury!


With an oral surgeon, 4 hygienists and a full team of dental care nurses and reception staff, it has never been easier for you to get the smile that you deserve. The smile that you’ve been waiting for. The smile that you feel you need. Why should those around you get that movie star, Hollywood beam but you are left feeling as if yours has room for improvement? You no longer need to feel this way – your dentist in Banbury has the answer, whether your insecurity is broken teeth or missing teeth!

With convenient parking in Calthorpe Street, it has never been easier for you to pay us a visit. Forgot to bring change? Not a problem. With the opportunity to pay on your phone, we have made visiting the dentist a lot easier for you. Just give your number plate and you’re in. Our payment co-ordinator will meet you with an informal chat in the privacy and comfort of one of our consultation rooms, for you to explain your problems and what you hope to get out of us.

Why you need us

We strive to really understand our patients – to learn about their problems, how they feel, and what we can do within our power to help them. Seeking to establish a strong working relationship with our patients, your initial consultation will consist of your welcoming dentist in Banbury discussing any treatment that you need and the possible outcome that you desire. In order to make you feel more informed, we will fully explain every process to you beforehand, allowing you to have a completely relaxing and comfortable experience with us.

Worried that your budget is affecting your teeth?

You needn’t worry about your financial situation. We accept most major credit cards, including cash and cheques as a means of payment. After your consultation, you will be given a guide and estimate of what the treatment cost overall will be. Payment for general dentist work will often be required at the end of the working day. However, for those who don’t have the money on them on that particular day, are waiting for pay from work, or for another reason, standing orders can be arranged with the agreement of both parties. Children up to 3 years old go free, and initial consultations for our new patients wishing to join our practice are very reasonable. It has never been easier for you to fix your teeth and get the smile of your dreams.

Can my dentist in Banbury help with jaw issues?

Besides cosmetic problems and crooked teeth, there’s a lot more our talented team can help you with at our practice. For instance, if you have any ongoing issues with your jaw, our team can help diagnose the problem and get you on the way to a healthier and  happier smile.

Dentist in BanburyHere’s how your dentist in Banbury can help you solve your problem.

What are the signs?

As a quick aside, before you go off and book an appointment with our dentist in Banbury, here’s a few of the warning signs to keep an eye out for that might signal a visit to our practice.

One of the most common giveaways of an underlying jaw problem is if teeth start to become mis-aligned or flattened out. Because of the uneven amount of force being put on your teeth, they will start to wear away at odd angles, or slowly change position as you clench your jaw throughout the day.

You may also start to experience problems in the tempero-mandibular-joint, or TMJ as it’s more commonly known. The symptoms you may experience can range from a popping or clicking noise whilst eating, talking or through general movement of your jaw. The cause of these issues tends to be brought on through either overdevelopment of the mandibular muscle through excessive clenching or from direct trauma to the area.

Another sign is if there’s any pain whilst eating or talking, or if a general ache is felt in your jaw even if it’s not moving.

The next step

If you’re showing any of these symptoms, then don’t worry as there are things we can do to help. Your first step should be to contact us. At Amsel and Wilkins, our team will provide the highest level of professional care and courtesy as we help you heal.

Generally, when we get you in, an examination of the area will occur, with our team checking the area for swelling, breaks and how easy it is for you to move your jaw. After a diagnosis, if it can be treated in the practice, we will usually schedule you for a future treatment or provide home remedy recommendations. However, if it’s a more complex issue, then we would refer you to the appropriate health department for scanning and further treatment.

Options for treatment

If it’s nothing too serious, there are options for treatment in the practice. Normally we would recommend a series of relaxation treatments, with the intent of lowering your stress levels and reducing clenching, which can exacerbate jaw related issues.

This can be anything from recommendations for massages, yoga, aromatherapy, meditation or mindfulness techniques that help lower stress.

For more practical solutions we may also advise corrective surgical procedures or replacing teeth with implanted prosthetics, in order to even out your bite. We could also provide a protective mouth guard for you to wear at night, to shield your teeth against the grinding and clenching you do subconsciously throughout the night.

So, as you can see there’s a lot more we can offer you besides a clean and cosmetic treatments. If you’re experiencing any of the issues we’ve highlighted, or just want to get yourself checked out, then book an appointment at our practice today.

Should I ask my dentist in Banbury About dental implants?

When it comes to helping you look after your teeth, we have a range of treatments we can use to help you out. A procedure you may be interested in is dental implants.

Dentist in BanburyWhat are dental implants?

If you have never heard of this type of procedure, then here’s a brief summary to get you up to speed before you visit your dentist in Banbury.

This treatment would normally be recommended to help with cracked and damaged teeth, or to replace a crooked tooth that can’t be realigned with other treatments. The process involves the insertion of a prosthetic tooth beneath your gum line and directly into your jawbone. The tooth is attached via a sterile Titanium screw and the prosthetic itself is normally made out of porcelain or ceramics, to allow us to correctly shade it and blend it in with the surrounding teeth.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment process itself is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take too long for our team to perform. The first step will normally involve a consultation meeting, then an inspection and cleaning of the area will occur, followed by a casting and shade matching to create a realistic implant.

The next stage is the insertion of the implant through minor surgery involving local anaesthetic. There also tends to be two main types of techniques for fitting, there’s the Endosteal and Subperiosteal. The first is fitted below the gum line and into your bone as we described, whilst the second is placed below your gums but above the bone. This tends to be used if there’s not enough healthy bone to fit the implant into.

When you come into the practice, our team at Amsel and Wilkins will provide you with a swift and professional service that will get you on the road to that shining smile.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

There are a couple of positives to this treatment worth considering, for example the main benefit is that it provides a natural looking, straight and sturdy addition to your smile.

Another positive to this treatment that your dentist in Banbury might mention is that it is easy to maintain; you just have to brush it like you would any other tooth. However, try to not press too hard as you can dislodge the implant during the healing stage, the same goes for flossing, try to avoid pulling too deep.

Are there risks to be aware of?

The main thing to be aware of is infection; the healing stage of the implant process is vital and if your gums become infected and inflamed in a condition known as peri implant mucositis, then you run the risk of disintegrating the surrounding bone or worse.

Generally, we recommend a strict and regular oral health routine to keep out any bacteria from your gums as they heal.

So, as we’ve shown, there are plenty of good reasons to consider having dental implants. They’re easy to maintain, the procedure is quick and most important of all, it gives you that natural looking smile that you deserve.