Get a new denture in Banbury

False teeth have been around since at least 700 BC, when they were made out of human or animal teeth. Tooth decay became a much bigger problem after the Industrial Revolution when refined sugar became cheap and readily available. Advances in modern dentistry have led to a decline in the number of people with dentures. However, inadequate dental care can still lead to extensive tooth decay and gum disease, and dentures may be used to replace teeth that have been lost.

Dentures in BanburyAt Amsel & Wilkins, we appreciate that losing multiple teeth can cause more than just aesthetic problems; gaps in your mouth can affect your ability to bite and chew food properly as well as your ability to speak. More importantly, missing teeth can cause the rest of your teeth to move into the empty spaces, making them difficult to clean and further affecting your oral function.

Luckily, you can smile confidently again with the help of customised, natural-looking full or partial dentures created just for you. Partial dentures, in particular, are an effective and inexpensive solution if you are missing some teeth and you now want to have dental implants.

Full dentures

Our dental practice offers high-quality, customised, full dentures that are designed to meet your individual needs. Our full dentures are biofunctional, meaning that they are created to reproduce your oral function as closely as possible. Full dentures are usually fitted as soon as your natural teeth are removed, so you are never left without teeth. However, in some cases, there may be some delay to allow your gums to heal. Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and send them to our technician. While you are waiting for your new dentures, temporary dentures may be fitted to your mouth. Full dentures fit comfortably over your gums and are easy to remove for cleaning.

Partial dentures

Removable partial dentures usually have replacement teeth fixed to an acrylic base that matches the colour of your gums. The acrylic base may cover a metal framework. Partial dentures are attached to your natural teeth with a clasp. This holds them securely in place.

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