Spick and span teeth with Amsel& Wilkins

At the heart of good dental health is good dental hygiene. We all know that daily brushing and flossing is key to keeping our teeth and gums in good shape. However even the most diligent cleaning at home isn’t enough to stave off dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. That’s where a visit to Amsel& Wilkins in Banbury can give you the helping hand you need.

dental-hygienists-in-BanburyOur dental hygienists clean and polish teeth day in day out. Their experience and skills mean your teeth and gums will receive excellent care with meticulous attention to detail. Our highly trained hygienists can save you time, expense and worry when it comes to your future dental health.

Comprehensive care

When you book an appointment to see one of our dental hygienists, you can expect high quality care from start to finish. Amsel& Wilkins dental hygienists clean and polish your teeth to prevent the build-up of bacteria, plaque and tartar. Using hygiene pastes and the latest dental equipment, your teeth will be left looking clean and healthy.

Regular dental hygiene treatment will help prevent the onset of tooth decay and gum disease. Gum disease in particular is linked to increased risks of developing heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Our dental hygienists can therefore help safeguard both your dental health and your overall wellbeing.

All the advice you need

Not only will our dental hygienists clean and polish your teeth in Banbury, they will also advise you on the best cleaning techniques to practice at home. If you have particular dental hygiene needs, our hygienists are on hand to give you tailored guidance and tips. Whether you wear braces or dentures, have dental implants or bridges, we have the knowledge and understanding to help you.

Get in touch to find out more

Our modern dental practice welcomes the whole family, as we believe good dental hygiene can make the world of difference at any age. We have a friendly ear to listen to your dental concerns and needs. With our dedicated dental hygienists, good dental health is just around the corner. Contact our friendly receptionist to arrange your first appointment.

Restore your smile after tooth loss with modern dentures

If you have suffered from tooth loss, you’ll be well aware that the fall out is more than just cosmetic. Unsightly gaps created by missing teeth can impact the way you eat, chew and talk. Teeth neighbouring the site of tooth loss also become vulnerable to tilting and toppling out. Dentures are an established solution for overcoming tooth loss. Modern dentistry at Amsel& Wilkins in Banbury means ill-fitting dentures are a thing of the past. Get a new denture at our welcoming practice and you can enjoy a natural look and feel to your replacement teeth.

dentures-in-banburyDentures explained

Dentures are more commonly known as false teeth. They are a reliable and cost effective way to replace missing teeth, which doesn’t require surgery. Partial dentures reconstruct one or a few missing teeth and are securely clipped to existing neighbouring teeth. Full dentures replace a complete set of teeth and snugly fit on top of your gums.

Advanced technology at your disposal

We keep up to date with the latest developments in dental technology so we can offer you modern and adaptable treatments. This is why we provide state-of-the-art BPS dentures.

BPS dentures provide you with superior comfort as they take into consideration the movement of your jaws and the sensitivity of surrounding soft tissues. BPS stands for Bio functional Prosthetic System. This is simply a technical way of highlighting the three major benefits of these modern dentures:

  • They are designed to accurately mimic the natural function of your teeth.
  • They are made to a high standard and are only crafted by certified dental technicians.
  • They foster a close collaboration between dentist and dental technician. This ensures that all of the information gathered from your extensive examination is targeted towards producing a high quality product that works best for you.

With our team of experienced dentists armed with BPS technology, this is a great time to get a new denture.

Start your treatment journey

Take the first step to a healthier smile today. Get in touch with Amsel& Wilkins to arrange a consultation with one of our highly trained dentists. With our help you can get a new denture in Banbury that will transform your day-to-day to life.