What to expect after you get fillings

When you come for white fillings in Banbury with Amsel & Wilkins, we talk you through the whole procedure before going ahead. Some patients also like us to talk through what we are doing while we are doing it. This ensures that they feel comfortable and well informed during their treatment. We are happy to tailor our methods to enhance your experience.

White Fillings in BanburyPart of the information flow will be dedicated to what happens after you have had your teeth filled. This might include information on the sensations you will feel afterwards, how to care for your fillings and ongoing care guidance for your general oral health.

How will you feel?

Immediately after your treatment, you may still feel some numbness from the anaesthesia. This shouldn’t prevent you doing anything other than eating and drinking. Both activities can be a little strange until your mouth returns to normal.

Once you have the feeling back in your mouth, you might feel some sensitivity in the filled tooth. This is often because you have a complete and healthy tooth again and there are bits of filling pressing against areas that have been surrounded by decay for a while. Your body can adapt within hours or it might take a few weeks, depending on the depth of the previous damage and your healing abilities.

While you are feeling sensitivity, it is best to stay away from very hard or sticky foods, as these can exacerbate the problem. The same is true of liquids that are hot or cold. If you find the sensations persist even when you are not eating, you can take painkillers to alleviate them. If they seem to be getting worse, or they last longer than a few weeks, you need to get in touch with Amsel & Wilkins and we will help you to address the issue.

If you have had particularly extensive damage accompanied by pain, one of the major things that you will feel afterwards is relief. Dental pain can be acute, or it can be a persistent, nagging feeling. Either way, it is better to be completely free from the problem which is why it’s best to get any issues addressed sooner rather than later.

The process of fitting a white filling

If you have visited us at Amsel & Wilkins and you have been told that you need white fillings in Banbury, you’re probably wondering what happens next. The exact procedure for your fitting depends on your circumstances, the depth of the damage and the area where you need a filling. However, we can give you general details about how fillings typically proceed here.

White Fillings in BanburyLocal anaesthetic

It’s important to us that you are comfortable when you are getting your white fillings fitted at our practice. After all, you would not come to the dentist very often if you associated it with strong discomfort. Many people have this connection in their minds already and we want to do everything we can to reduce this perception of dentistry. Some fillings can proceed without anaesthetic but, for the most part, a local anaesthetic is applied. Even the act of administering the numbing agent is easier than it used to be as methods have developed that make the process more comfortable.

Removing decayed material

As well as surface holes, you are likely to have material that is in the process of decaying within the tooth. All of this needs to be removed using a drill before your filling can be placed otherwise it ends up under the filling and will eventually compromise your repair. This is a relatively quick process, but it can be accompanied by a buzzing sensation and some noise. If you think this will bother you, you are welcome to listen to music or undertake some other activity to distract you.

Preparing the area

Preparation depends on the type of filling you are having. Your dentist may need to etch the area to assist with bonding. Once the area is ready, they will place the filling.

Resin and polishing

There are several ways to give the whole process a beautiful finish. Your dentist might apply a resin for extra hold. They might polish a tooth up for a final finish. Once your white filling is in place, it will be hard for the casual onlooker to tell that your even have repairs on your teeth. This is the goal of a great restorative procedure.