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A dentist with a difference

Dentist in BanburyAt Amsel & Wilkins, we are not your typical dentist. We pride ourselves on the positive impact that our work has on the lives of our clients, and the solid relationships that we form with those who come to our practice. Rather than simply opting for the standard one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry which is popular in practices up and down the country, here at Amsel & Wilkins we listen to our patients and connect with them on a personal level. In doing so, we’ve found that a far more mutually advantageous dental experience can come to pass. For anyone who is seeking a dentist in Banbury that they can trust to not only provide them with a quality standard of dentistry, but also with support, kindness and guidance, they need look no further than our team of expert dentists here at Amsel & Wilkins.

What we offer

Here at Amsel & Wilkins, we are a dentist in Banbury who provides a comprehensive range of dentist options that span across all fields of the discipline. These include, but are not entirely limited to the following treatments; the installation of dental implants, a full range of dental hygienist options, cosmetic dentistry solutions and orthodontics. We also very importantly provide preventative dentistry and educational talks for children. Whether a patient is in need of the most complicated of procedures, wants a simple clean and polish, or a check-up they can rest assured that they have a dentist in Banbury who will listen to their needs and do whatever they can to ensure they are met. Nothing makes us happier than to see the bright, new smiles on the faces of our patients after receiving treatment, and we strive to see our patients as happy as they can possibly be with our services.

Invisible ingenuity

One of the cosmetic dentistry options we provide here at Amsel & Wilkins, is the installation of discreet orthodontics such as Invisalign retainers. These are a revolutionary method of dental realignment which has grown vastly in popularity over recent years. This is primarily due to its discreet nature, which allows its users to undertake essential dental realignment without attracting any unwanted attention from their peers or colleagues. This works by replacing conventional fused metal brackets and wires commonly associated with orthodontic braces, (often the cause of great discomfort and embarrassment for those undertaking treatment), with a removable plastic retainer. This retainer is constructed from a patented plastic known as SmartTrack, which is utilised for its uniquely malleable, yet firm nature. When worn, the retainer utilises specifically targeted pressure points within it, to gradually push the patient’s teeth back to their correct specifications.

Stand by us

Prior to undertaking any procedure from us here at Amsel & Wilkins, patients must first have an informative, yet informal consultation. This is done to assess the needs of the patient, and how we can aim to satisfy them. It also works as the bedrock for a relationship that is built on trust, respect and understanding which acts as the foundation, to what will hopefully become years of service provided to our patients.

In need of a reputable dentist in Banbury?

Who we are

Dentist in BanburyAt Amsel & Wilkins, we are a dentist with a difference. Rather than simply adopting the one-size-fits-all stance to dentistry, we pride ourselves on putting the needs and well-being of each specific patient at the forefront of everything we do. We offer a wide array of general and cosmetic dentistry that is tailored to fit the requirements presented by each unique patient. By getting to know our patients on a personal level we’ve found that a more mutually beneficial dental experience can blossom. At Amsel & Wilkins, patients can be served by a dentist in Banbury that is there for them through every stage of their dental journey.


Here at Amsel & Wilkins, we make use of some of the most innovative and cutting-edge methods and treatments that are available within dentistry, and are constantly updating our technology to make use of new and emerging methods of dental restoration. Whether it is a simple polish and clean, or the most complicated of procedures, patients here at Amsel & Wilkins can rest assured they have found a dentist in Banbury that they can trust wholeheartedly to provide them with the best possible dental experience. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments extending across children’s preventive dental care and education; the installation of dental implants, dental hygienist services, tooth whitening, orthodontics and an entire array of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Filling the gaps

One procedure we provide at Amsel & Wilkins is the installation of dental implants for patients who have lost a tooth or teeth, either through accidental means or general neglect. Those who are in need of dental implants can often find their self-esteem and confidence being knocked by having large or unsightly gaps within their mouths. However, through the utilisation of innovative dentistry methods and technologies, our highly trained, expert dental implant specialists at Amsel & Wilkins can provide patients with new, sturdy teeth which are far stronger and durable than dentures or crowns. The process of undertaking such a treatment initially consists of drilling a small hole in the jawbone of the patient’s mouth, within the space where the missing tooth or teeth ought to be. Thereafter, a small titanium screw is inserted into the hole and the gum left to heal. Titanium is utilised for its unique ability to fuse with human bone tissue and during the healing period the implant is provided with a secure foundation. After this, a replica tooth can be screwed into place and thus the gap is bridged with a sturdy and durable, lifelike tooth.

Why choose us

At Amsel & Wilkins, we pride ourselves on having a solid rapport with all of our patients. We understand that people who choose us as their dentist in Banbury are putting a lot of trust in us, and we do all we can to show them the respect they deserve. Nothing makes us happier than to see the bright and healthy smiles on our patients’ faces, and to see first hand the positive impact our work has on their self-confidence and overall happiness.