Fresh and healthy teeth

Taking care of your teeth at home is an essential part of maintaining good oral health. An oral hygiene routine that prevents the harmful build-up of plaque will help you to keep using your natural teeth for many decades. You reduce the risk of bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay when you keep your mouth clean.

Hygienist Clean and Polish in BanburyHowever, some teeth are harder to clean than others. Because every tooth is differently shaped, and they don’t always emerge in the most convenient positions, awkward spaces can form. These are the spaces your toothbrush finds hard to properly cover. Maybe one tooth is slightly in front of another, or there’s a tiny gap between molars that seems to attract tiny particles of food. Conventional toothbrushes have a hard time removing plaque from places like these. Over time, the plaque hardens into tartar, which is very difficult to remove, and can lead to decay and gum disease.

Risks of tartar build up

Having a hygienist clean and polish in Banbury will make sure your teeth are as clean as they can be. Amsel & Wilkins use special tools to get into the nooks and crannies in your mouth and remove all the harmful layers of bacteria that have built up over time. Using ultrasonic scalers and tiny jets of water, the hygienist will address the oral hygiene issues you can’t take care of at home.

The hygienist will polish your teeth after the plaque and tartar have been removed. Using a specially-made toothbrush and toothpaste, every last bit of your teeth will be meticulously brushed. Afterwards, they’ll look much cleaner and feel remarkably fresh.

Future benefits

The clean and polish treatment helps to extend the life and improve the vitality of your teeth. Your oral hygiene routine can be seen as a partnership between you and your dental team. While you take care of your teeth and gums as well as you can at home, the hygienist will treat the tricky aspects with technology and skill. Together, patient and dentist lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, helping to keep teeth bright and healthy.

Better-looking repairs

Many people need fillings after episodes of tooth decay. Often, these fillings are made of grey or silver substances that are highly noticeable when the person opens their mouth. They can look unsightly, and cause people to be self-conscious when socialising. Photographs of hilarious moments can be spoiled by the presence of these grey or silver blobs. At dentists like Amsel & Wilkins, the solution is to go white: replace silver fillings in Banbury.

Replace Silver Fillings in BanburySubtle and strong

Your dentist will assess your old fillings at a consultation, to see whether white fillings are an appropriate replacement. If they are, the old amalgam substance will be removed from your tooth, and replaced by a newly-created white substance, carefully matched to mimic the shade of the tooth into which it’s inserted. This new material is durable and functional, allowing you to bite into your food and chew it with gusto.

Aesthetic appeal

The great thing about white fillings is that they’re not visible when you open your mouth. Only a very nosy person will be able to detect them. By enhancing your aesthetic appeal, they may lead to an increase in your overall social confidence. At the same time, they ensure that your teeth function as they should do.

The process of placing them in the mouth will be familiar to you if you’ve ever had a filling. An anaesthetic will be used to numb the affected area of your mouth. Once the old filling has been removed, the white filling will be set within the tooth in several layers. After each layer has been applied, it will be cured using a special light. Once all the layers are in place, the dentist will check your teeth come together properly when biting. The procedure is then finished off with a final polish, after which your new white filling is ready for action.


The appearance of your teeth will be much improved once your white fillings are in place. They can also help prevent further decay, as long as you follow your dentist’s advice and maintain a good level of oral hygiene.

Open wide

A mouth cancer screening in Banbury at Amsel & Wilkins is vital to inform our patients about the actual status of their dental health, particularly if they are anxious about certain symptoms and signs that could be associated with oral cancers.

We offer mouth cancer screenings to any of our patients to set their mind and emotions at ease, and to plan for further dental therapy as may be needed.

Mouth Cancer Screening in BanburyDo they take a long time?

Mouth cancer screenings can be done within five minutes. Even during a short visit, we can gather a lot of information through a comprehensive visual and manual examination. Additional time may be required but this is on a case-to-case basis and not always necessary.

Oral cancer can be the cause of any changes in face shape and other possible symptoms, such as facial paralysis, unusual patches or growths on the lips, tongue, gums, and throat. As well as these symptoms, dizzy spells, unexplainable weight loss, lack of appetite, difficulty in swallowing and swollen lymph nodes could all be signs of something a little more sinister occurring in your mouth.

Mouth cancer screening before symptoms appear can greatly help patients who are nervous about the possibility of having cancer, and can put their mind at rest.

How the screening is performed

To perform an oral cancer screening, our dentist will firstly take your medical and dental history. This will include an evaluation of your lifestyle habits such as smoking, as this can encourage the development of growths in your oral cavity or its nearby areas such as the head or the neck.

Next, we will carefully but comprehensively run their hands over your neck, mouth area, face, head and areas where your lymph nodes are found, to determine if any lumps or abnormal growths are present.

Should we find anything unusual, an additional screening may be recommended. We may discuss your situation with another medical health professional to find out the cause of the abnormalities. If oral cancer has been ruled out, we will proceed to address any issues encountered during the screening and aim to resolve them as soon as possible.

Zoom! your way to white teeth

Everyone wants a healthy white smile and you can achieve a brighter, happier smile with Zoom! teeth bleaching in Banbury. Here at Amsel & Wilkins you can either go for the convenient Zoom! at-home whitening, or the Zoom! in-chair whitening, which will give you an instant result.

If you lead a hectic life with no time to spend wearing whitening trays at home for a few days and you would like to have instant results then Zoom! in-chair whitening could be the perfect option for you.

Teeth Bleaching in BanburyDoes it take a long time?

Your appointment will usually take around one to two hours and after this you will leave our practice with a whiter, healthier looking smile. Zoom! teeth bleaching is an accelerated and simple tooth whitening procedure.

After a thorough teeth cleaning, a powerful bleaching agent created from concentrated peroxide will be applied to your discoloured teeth. This strong dental gel is then allowed to cure under the Zoom! light. During this time, the bleaching gel slowly dissolves stains that are attached to the teeth that have contributed to the yellowing or staining. If your teeth become sensitive after your Zoom! procedure, a special dental paste can be applied to reduce any sensitivity or discomfort.

After your in-chair treatment has been completed we will give you whitening trays and gels to take home to enable you to continue to get the best possible results.

How long will it last?

How long your Zoom!! whitening will last will depend on your social habits and how well you look after your new smile. The Zoom procedure whitens both the interior and exterior of teeth that respond well to whitening treatments. Avoiding sugary drinks and other foods and drinks that can stain your teeth is also a good choice if you want to keep your smile as white as possible. Simple changes in your diet and continuing regular oral hygiene and professional cleanings will prolong the results.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with us for your initial Zoom teeth whitening consultation ad your dream shite smile could be closer than you think.

Deep clean your teeth

Imagine if your mouth was a cooker. You’d probably give it a good wipe over if you see a spill, or after cooking. But would you go for over a year or maybe even two without giving it a deep clean? Imagine the bugs that can build up when you don’t. Once you start poking about in the nooks and crannies, there’s a lot of nasty crusty bits and slimy things that can harbour germs and cause disease. That’s why you give it a really good going over every few months. That’s what you should also be doing for your teeth.

Hygienists Clean and PolishIf you are a diligent person, you probably already brush your teeth twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste for around two minutes each time, and finish up with flossing between each of your teeth to remove any extra stuck bits of food and plaque. And this is really great. But it doesn’t get rid of everything. Plaque will continue to build up in nooks and crannies where the teeth touch, and along the gum line, no matter how carefully you brush.

The consequences of plaque

Plaque starts off as sticky film. That film is bacteria, growing on the surfaces of the teeth, gums and any artificial things like crowns and dental implants. The bacteria are not harmful in themselves. But, if you don’t remove the plaque with brushing, it gets thicker and the bacteria nearest the tooth, at the bottom of the thickening film, get their energy by feeding off sugars in the mouth, and then they release acid. The acid eats into your tooth enamel and can start to decay the insides of your teeth.

Plaque on the gums can cause inflammation and, if left untreated, can then attack the bone under the gum.

This will happen however often you brush your teeth. Just like a deep clean in your oven or fridge, you need to get your mouth deep cleaned about twice a year.

When you come to us at Amsel & Wilkins in Banbury, hygienists clean and polish your teeth using special equipment and pastes that ensure that every bit of plaque is removed. It may take more than one appointment if you have a particularly bad build-up of plaque.

The hygiene routine behind great teeth

Part of a good dental maintenance routine is coming to see the dentist for a check-up at least twice a year. Depending on the state of your oral health, your dentist at Amsel & Wilkins may recommend that you come more often.

Another important part of dental maintenance is keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque and gum disease. Your part in this is to carefully clean and floss your teeth at least twice a day, with a good fluoride toothpaste, dental floss, and possibly also interdental brushes.

Hygienists Clean and Polish in BanburyIf you can keep plaque under control then it has less chance to develop into hard tartar, which leads to tooth decay and gum disease. It also gets rid of food trapped between the teeth, which can also lead to decay.

That’s your part at home. At the dentist, you will need a check-up from the dentist and to see our hygienists who clean and polish your teeth twice a year.

Our hygienists

At Amsel & Wilkins, we have five hygienists: Magda Mararu, Sharon Buick, Louise Hirons, Emma Godwin, and Claire Bloxham. Each of them has been through two years of training to earn a diploma in dental hygiene. They are trained to provide primary dental care, including: scaling and polishing teeth, using dental local anaesthesia, applying topical medicaments, taking dental x-rays, applying fissure sealants and giving oral health advice.

Hygienists clean and polish teeth far more thoroughly than you can do at home, even with the most sophisticated electric toothbrushes.

The scale and polish

This is what gets your teeth really clean. Our hygienists clean and polish your teeth with special equipment and pastes. Depending on how long it is since you had a scale and polish, you might need to have a double appointment. You might also need more time if you are a smoker, as tobacco builds up stains on the teeth.

How to brush your teeth

Our hygienists can also give you good information on the latest and best ways to brush your teeth at home. Are you holding your brush correctly? Are you brushing in the right direction? Knowing how can make all the difference.

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth

You may have noticed a sustained increase in the number of adults getting their teeth straightened in Banbury. Maybe you haven’t, but at Amsel & Wilkins, we certainly have.

There are a few reasons why you might have noticed the steady increase in adults wearing braces. Firstly, you are probably not obsessed with teeth, so you don’t go about your daily business clocking what everyone is hiding behind their lips, like we do.

Straighter Teeth in Six MonthsSecondly, these days, unless someone has got some serious issues with the way their teeth bite together, the chances are they will be wearing a much more discreet kind of braces than the traditional heavy duty metal braces, affectionately known as train track braces.

Thirdly, if just the teeth are being moved, it’s possible to get straighter teeth in 6 months in Banbury, or maybe even less, depending on what the issues are.

Bracket and wire

There are 3 ways to get your teeth straightened. The fixed bracket and wire braces of old are still available, but, if they are only straightening teeth, they can use much gentler forces to do the job. This means they can get away with using smaller brackets, which are sometimes made of clear ceramic, depending on the brand, and the wires can be tooth-coloured. All this adds up to braces that no longer dominate the teeth.

One brand uses this system, but fixes the brackets to the inside of the teeth, next to the tongue. These are called lingual braces and they are invisible. They can also cope with more complex issues than some other discreet systems.

Invisible aligners

These aren’t even braces, but 3D printed mouth guard style aligners. Instead of having wires to tighten, the patient uses a series of aligners, each of which uses the pressure created from not quite fitting properly to nudge the teeth along. A push rather than a pull. The aligners are almost invisible over the teeth, but can be removed, which makes eating, drinking and tooth brushing as easy as ever.

Front teeth aligners

These uses spring-loaded aligner bows that reposition the front teeth only. This removable appliance also doubles as a retainer and treatment can take as little as 6 weeks.

The physiology behind straighter teeth

The thing with being around teeth all day is that you can tend to become somewhat obsessed with them. Sometimes at Amsel & Wilkins, we find that our passion for a really great smile means that even in our private lives it’s impossible not to notice the state of people’s teeth when we first meet them. ‘Oh, she’s got quite some crowding going on there and her incisors never really did descend properly’ or ‘Wow! Now that’s what I call an amazing smile! White but not too white, straight but not overpoweringly uniform teeth.’ Those might be the thoughts going through our minds as we pay for our petrol or chat to new acquaintances at parties.

Straighter Teeth in Six MonthsSometimes we think, ‘Now if you’d had your teeth straightened 20 years ago, you wouldn’t soon be needing a visit to the dentist to deal with that gum disease that’s forming from all that tartar that’s built up on your teeth.’

Never too late

The thing about braces, is that it is never too late to get straighter teeth. The early teens may be the optimum time for sorting out issues to do with misalignments but that’s because the jawbone is still growing and so it’s possible to deal with misalignments in the jaws, where the teeth don’t meet properly. This is a separate issue from wonky teeth, but wasn’t treated as such back in the day.

Teeth can be moved around in the jaw at any time in life. It’s just a case of applying sustained pressure to the tooth in one direction. After 72 hours of this pressure, the jawbone responds by breaking down bone matter in front of the tooth in the direction of the pressure and building up bone behind it. The thing that takes all the time to move is not the teeth, but the bite. So, in fact, in Banbury you can get straighter teeth in 6 months, rather than 2 or 3 years.

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth because they provide fewer hard-to-clean places for plaque and tartar to build up and harbour the bacteria that lead to gum disease, which causes teeth to fall out.

Revitalise your skin with Botox and dermal fillers in Banbury

As we age, our skin tends to lose its volume and elasticity. This is because the tissues that keep our skin firm and plump, become weaker over time. This can lead to the creation of fine lines, wrinkles and other unwanted effects of ageing. Treatment with Botox and dermal fillers can effectively reduce the appearance or wrinkles and fine lines as well as tighten loose skin and provide a fresh and youthful look.

Our experienced dentists at Amsel and Wilkins, offer thorough cosmetic and face consultations in Banbury for patients who wish to optimise their appearance without having to undergo complex treatments or surgery. Additionally, you can combine both treatments with dental work for a complete makeover.

Dermal Fillers in BanburyBotox

Botox, also known as Botulinum toxin, is a purified protein that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles associated with facial expressions. Botox injections are safe and used to treat lines between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, the forehead as well as the area known as the crow’s feet around the eyes. These lines are caused by the continuous movement of these muscles.

Botox temporarily weakens these muscles and prevents the movements that cause the skin to crease. The treatment is relatively painless and very quick since it can be completed with a single visit to the dentist. The effect can take up to two weeks to fully develop and lasts six to nine months (depending on each individual patient). We encourage our patients to repeat the treatment every few months for maximum results.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are composed of hyaluronic acid or collagen, both of which naturally occur in the skin. Dermal fillers are injected directly into the skin and help replace its lost volume and elasticity. They are particularly effective at reducing or removing lines above the upper lip, chin lines as well as folds that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

The process is relatively painless and the effects can last up to six months. The treatment is painless and has no side-effects apart from possible a small amount of bruising at the injection sites.

Take years off your face with Botox and dermal fillers in Banbury

There are many things that happen to our bodies as we age, but the part of ageing that troubles us the most, especially women, is the ageing of our skin. Although the ageing process cannot be stopped, there are certain aspects of ageing that can be delayed with the help of cosmetic treatments.

At Amsel and Wilkins, we want you to be as happy as you can be with your smile and this may involve other cosmetic treatments besides dental work. Botox and dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments designed to rejuvenate your skin and provide a fresh and natural look. Our experienced dentists offer detailed cosmetic and face consultations in Banbury in order to help you decide which treatment is better for your skin.

Cosmetic and Face ConsultationsBotox

Botox is a simple, non-surgical, injectable treatment that can temporarily smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The treatment contains a purified type of protein that has the ability to weaken facial muscles and diminish unwanted wrinkles across the forehead and the corners of the eyes.

Treatment with Botox is very quick as it usually performed in less than 15 minutes at our dental practice. Your dentist will carefully administer the Botox injections into the areas of the face to be treated. Botox injections are relatively painless and have no side-effects.

Botox can take up to two weeks to fully show its effect, yet most patients see results in the first few days. The treatment can last for a few months, but repeated treatments are recommended for effective results in the long run.

Dermal fillers

Unlike Botox, dermal fillers actually fill in and smooth away fine lines, wrinkles and folds. Dermal fillers are also used to add volume to the lips. This treatment is ideal for patients who wish to add volume and elasticity to their skin, since dermal fillers contain synthetic substances such as hyaluronic acid and collagen that the skin loses gradually over time.

Your dentist will inject the filler straight into the skin in small amounts with a very fine needle, immediately lifting and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Treatment time rarely exceeds 30 minutes and results can last for up to a year.