Seeking a dentist in Banbury you can rely on?

A dentist with a difference

Dentist in BanburyAt Amsel & Wilkins, we are not your typical dentist. We pride ourselves on the positive impact that our work has on the lives of our clients, and the solid relationships that we form with those who come to our practice. Rather than simply opting for the standard one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry which is popular in practices up and down the country, here at Amsel & Wilkins we listen to our patients and connect with them on a personal level. In doing so, we’ve found that a far more mutually advantageous dental experience can come to pass. For anyone who is seeking a dentist in Banbury that they can trust to not only provide them with a quality standard of dentistry, but also with support, kindness and guidance, they need look no further than our team of expert dentists here at Amsel & Wilkins.

What we offer

Here at Amsel & Wilkins, we are a dentist in Banbury who provides a comprehensive range of dentist options that span across all fields of the discipline. These include, but are not entirely limited to the following treatments; the installation of dental implants, a full range of dental hygienist options, cosmetic dentistry solutions and orthodontics. We also very importantly provide preventative dentistry and educational talks for children. Whether a patient is in need of the most complicated of procedures, wants a simple clean and polish, or a check-up they can rest assured that they have a dentist in Banbury who will listen to their needs and do whatever they can to ensure they are met. Nothing makes us happier than to see the bright, new smiles on the faces of our patients after receiving treatment, and we strive to see our patients as happy as they can possibly be with our services.

Invisible ingenuity

One of the cosmetic dentistry options we provide here at Amsel & Wilkins, is the installation of discreet orthodontics such as Invisalign retainers. These are a revolutionary method of dental realignment which has grown vastly in popularity over recent years. This is primarily due to its discreet nature, which allows its users to undertake essential dental realignment without attracting any unwanted attention from their peers or colleagues. This works by replacing conventional fused metal brackets and wires commonly associated with orthodontic braces, (often the cause of great discomfort and embarrassment for those undertaking treatment), with a removable plastic retainer. This retainer is constructed from a patented plastic known as SmartTrack, which is utilised for its uniquely malleable, yet firm nature. When worn, the retainer utilises specifically targeted pressure points within it, to gradually push the patient’s teeth back to their correct specifications.

Stand by us

Prior to undertaking any procedure from us here at Amsel & Wilkins, patients must first have an informative, yet informal consultation. This is done to assess the needs of the patient, and how we can aim to satisfy them. It also works as the bedrock for a relationship that is built on trust, respect and understanding which acts as the foundation, to what will hopefully become years of service provided to our patients.

In need of a reputable dentist in Banbury?

Who we are

Dentist in BanburyAt Amsel & Wilkins, we are a dentist with a difference. Rather than simply adopting the one-size-fits-all stance to dentistry, we pride ourselves on putting the needs and well-being of each specific patient at the forefront of everything we do. We offer a wide array of general and cosmetic dentistry that is tailored to fit the requirements presented by each unique patient. By getting to know our patients on a personal level we’ve found that a more mutually beneficial dental experience can blossom. At Amsel & Wilkins, patients can be served by a dentist in Banbury that is there for them through every stage of their dental journey.


Here at Amsel & Wilkins, we make use of some of the most innovative and cutting-edge methods and treatments that are available within dentistry, and are constantly updating our technology to make use of new and emerging methods of dental restoration. Whether it is a simple polish and clean, or the most complicated of procedures, patients here at Amsel & Wilkins can rest assured they have found a dentist in Banbury that they can trust wholeheartedly to provide them with the best possible dental experience. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments extending across children’s preventive dental care and education; the installation of dental implants, dental hygienist services, tooth whitening, orthodontics and an entire array of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Filling the gaps

One procedure we provide at Amsel & Wilkins is the installation of dental implants for patients who have lost a tooth or teeth, either through accidental means or general neglect. Those who are in need of dental implants can often find their self-esteem and confidence being knocked by having large or unsightly gaps within their mouths. However, through the utilisation of innovative dentistry methods and technologies, our highly trained, expert dental implant specialists at Amsel & Wilkins can provide patients with new, sturdy teeth which are far stronger and durable than dentures or crowns. The process of undertaking such a treatment initially consists of drilling a small hole in the jawbone of the patient’s mouth, within the space where the missing tooth or teeth ought to be. Thereafter, a small titanium screw is inserted into the hole and the gum left to heal. Titanium is utilised for its unique ability to fuse with human bone tissue and during the healing period the implant is provided with a secure foundation. After this, a replica tooth can be screwed into place and thus the gap is bridged with a sturdy and durable, lifelike tooth.

Why choose us

At Amsel & Wilkins, we pride ourselves on having a solid rapport with all of our patients. We understand that people who choose us as their dentist in Banbury are putting a lot of trust in us, and we do all we can to show them the respect they deserve. Nothing makes us happier than to see the bright and healthy smiles on our patients’ faces, and to see first hand the positive impact our work has on their self-confidence and overall happiness.

Your dentist in Banbury is there to support you

Many people think that going to the dentist in Banbury just consists of having a tooth check-up. What people don’t realise is that our trained dental professionals are here to support you through every step of your treatment. Whether you need fillings or a complete set of new dentures, they are here to provide you with the advice and guidance that you require.

Dentist in BanburyHere at Amsel & Wilkins you will feel welcomed and supported from the moment that you enter our practice. You might be nervous about coming to the practice because you suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, or you may be worried about costs. Either way, your practitioner is here to make you feel at ease.

Is getting dental treatment expensive?

Many dental treatments are available through the NHS, so if cost is something that you are worried about then you should speak to one of our dental practitioners, as they will be able to explain to you exactly what treatments are available through public funding. We provide dental treatment for children through the NHS until they are eighteen years of age, so bringing your child to see their dentist in Banbury should never leave you feeling worried that you will not be able to afford their treatment.

If you need to go privately because your treatment is not covered by the NHS, then it is a good idea to speak to one of our dental professionals. They will be able to organise a monthly payment scheme for you to take the pressure from your dental bills. Too many people avoid going to get a check-up because they are worried about costs, but this can lead to more dental treatment being needed in the future due to tooth decay. As time passes and you need more extensive treatment to repair the damage to your teeth, it will only get more expensive.

At Amsel & Wilkins we care about you just as much as your teeth, and will always endeavour to come to a suitable arrangement with you when it comes to cost. We want you to be smiling every day and will do what we can to help you achieve this.

Are you nervous about having dental treatments?

Suffering from dental phobia or anxiety is something that can affect anybody. At Amsel & Wilkins we do what we can to make you feel comfortable and calm throughout your appointments, whatever treatment or procedure you may be having. Sometimes it helps having a friend or relative with you at your appointments. If visiting your dentist in Banbury is something that you are apprehensive about, then we recommend that you come into our practice to meet with one of our dental practitioners for a chat. This will help you with familiarising yourself with the surroundings, and it will give you the chance to ask any questions that you might have about treatments or just general examinations.

There are also sedatives available for those of you who are extremely panicky and uncomfortable about undergoing any treatments or procedures, but once you meet our team at Amsel & Wilkins you will realise that you have nothing to worry about, and getting your teeth professionally looked after will become something that is just as important to you as it is to us.

Are you looking for a dentist in Banbury?

Choosing a new dental practice can be difficult sometimes. There can be lots of things to think about like location, cost or if they offer children’s dentistry. Here at Amsel & Wilkins we provide a whole range of dental treatments, making finding a new dentist in Banbury a lot easier for you.

Dentist in BanburyWhen you visit us for the first time, we will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth. We will take an X-ray as well, and all these things will assist us when it comes to finding out about the condition of your mouth. Knowing precisely what is going on with your teeth will enable us to recommend treatments that will both keep your teeth strong and healthy and enhance your smile too.

What types of treatments are available?

It is advised that you come to see your dentist in Banbury at least twice a year for a general examination. This will reduce your chances of experiencing bad tooth decay and developing conditions such as gingivitis, which if left untreated will result in gum disease. Your dental practitioner will be able to tell you exactly how many times you should be visiting our practice when you have your routine check-up.

If your teeth are damaged, we can carry out an assessment and inform you of what types of treatments will help you. For example, if your tooth is badly chipped or cracked then a crown might be a suitable solution. If you are missing all your teeth, then it is now possible for us to provide you with a replacement set. We can have dentures made for you, or if you would prefer having a non-removable set of replacement teeth you could consider getting dental implants. Dental implants would enable us to fit dentures into your mouth. This treatment can also be used if you just need to replace one tooth or a few, or even if your original teeth just need strengthening.

Some people will be nearly completely satisfied with their teeth already, but will require us to carry out a treatment such as teeth whitening. If you smoke and drink, or your teeth are becoming older, you may notice yellow or brown stains starting to form on the surface of your teeth. This is easily rectified at our practice, so book an appointment today to speak to one of our many professionals.

Can your child get treatment too?

We offer children’s dentistry as well and recommend that you bring your child to see their dentist in Banbury as soon as their first tooth develops. As your children grow into teenagers, their adult teeth may come through crookedly, and for this we are able to supply a range of different braces. They may need to wear a brace that aligns their jaw properly before undergoing treatment to straighten their teeth, as they may suffer from an over or underbite. It is impossible to tell exactly what treatment your child might need without bringing them in to our practice for an appointment, where a dental professional will be able to examine the position and condition of their teeth and jaw.

Replacing your metal fillings; a step by step guide to getting white fillings in Banbury

Chances are that if you have had a filling in your molars in the last 10 years, your dentist has used a metal filling.

Of course, they have! This has been standard practice for many dental surgeries for decades. Metal fillings are hardy, easy to fit and easy to replace if they fall out.

White Fillings in BanburyHowever, in dental practices today, many dentists are suggesting that regardless of the area of decay in your mouth, white fillings in Banbury are a better option for many people.

Why should I replace my metal fillings?

It seems an odd concept doesn’t it? To go to your dentist to have a filling removed and another put in its place? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! But there are many advantages to having white or composite fillings in lieu of your metal ones.

No discomfort

If you have a metal filling, you may notice that it can sometimes be temperamental due to changes in the temperature of your mouth.

This is not your imagination, at Amsel & Wilkins, we often have patients complaining of discomfort around their metal fillings, even though there is no damage. This is because, when you drink hot tea or beverages, the metal in your filling naturally expands. This expansion can put pressure on the surrounding teeth and can cause further damage.

White fillings in Banbury do not respond to temperature and therefore do not cause damage to the surrounding teeth. This is one of the key reasons we recommend replacing your metal fillings with composite ones as we do not want to further damage your teeth.

No discolouration

When you have a metal filling fitted, you may have noticed that the surrounding tooth now has a grey look.

This can cause you to feel self-conscious and worried about the appearance of your teeth.

If you choose to have your metal fillings replaced with composite ones, regardless of how large or deep the filling is, your teeth will not change in colour at all. In fact, our dental team uses a colour-based scaling system to match the colour of your white filling perfectly to your tooth.

No plaque accumulation

As white fillings in Banbury are fitted to match the colour of your teeth, your dentist will be aware of flattening the border or ‘edges’ where your filling meets your tooth. This lack of an edge is beneficial for your long-term dental health as borders on your teeth provide the perfect place for plaque to build up.

Plaque build up is not only unattractive, but it creates potential future issues for your teeth, such as decay and breakage. Metal fillings are more difficult to mould and soften to the surface of your tooth, meaning they are more likely to have edges and thus allow plaque to accumulate.

Want to change your metal fillings for white ones? Contact us at Amsel & Wilkins in Banbury– we will be happy to assist you with improving your smile.

Call today!

Restore your smile with white fillings in Banbury The advantages of composite fillings

Dating back to their invention in 1955, composite or ‘white fillings’ have improved both dental techniques and smiles for over half a century.

White Fillings in BanburyOriginally made of porcelain and set to the tooth with resin, white fillings in Banbury have proven to be just as hardy as traditional metal-based fillings with the obvious benefit of creating a more natural, less noticeable look. Indeed, many dental customers today are choosing to have their old, metal fillings removed and replaced with composite ones to improve their smile and confidence.

But what are the other advantages of white fillings in Banbury over metal ones?

Composite versus metal

Of course, if you have decay at the front of your mouth or simply have a damaged tooth, you will want a filling that will not draw attention to itself.

However, many people are unaware of the other benefits of choosing white fillings, that can even make dental check-ups easier for your dentist.


An annoyance seen daily in dentistry, tooth decay is the primary reason for fillings and while some dentists may opt to simply give you a metal filling (based on location), at Amsel Wilkins, we know the benefits of having composite fillings fitted instead.

One of the key examples is decay. With metal fillings, even the most experienced dentist can miss a minor crack and tooth decay that may be occurring under the filling as result. White fillings in Banbury have the advantage of allowing dentists to detect if a filling has cracked and can even help them see if decay has occurred underneath too. This  means check-ups are easier and any other dental work will be minimal.


If you have a tooth that has decayed, you may have minor cracks forming on the surface too. A composite filling will bond to the natural shape of the tooth and protect it against future breakage and damage, creating a stronger tooth that needs less maintenance.


Many people who have had metal fillings fitted are often surprised at the sensitivity of the tooth afterwards. Metal in not as resistant to extremes of heat (tea, coffee) or cold (ice cubes, ice lollies) as composite and can cause pain or sensitivity when exposed to these temperatures. Composite is more durable and adapts easily to different temperatures with no sensitivity or issue, so you can drink as many hot beverages as you want without complaint.

Immediate use

When having a metal filling fitted, many people have been advised by their dentists to ‘take it easy’ on the tooth for a day afterwards; this is due to the sensitivity of the metal and the need to adapt to your mouth. White fillings can be used straight away and do not require a ‘breaking in’ period.

If you want to have your old metal fillings replaced with composite, our dental team at Amsel & Wilkins in Banbury will be happy to fit new ones for you. They are stronger, more durable and will improve your overall confidence.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are common within modern dental work, also known as composite fillings they are commonly preferred over the traditional metal looking filling due to their tooth coloured and therefore more natural appearance. White fillings in Banbury are a mixture of tooth coloured resin and glass, meaning they are able to withstand for many years. White fillings are used as a popular alternative due to amalgam fillings being aesthetically poor, as well as containing mercury.

White Fillings in BanburyWhat are fillings and why might I need one?

Fillings are essentially a dental implant that fills a cavity within the tooth that has been damaged through decay and can be extremely painful if not treated correctly. These holes within the teeth can lead to later dental hygiene problems and infections if not treated. You may require a filling if you are experiencing pain within your teeth that is diagnosed as a cavity by your dentist. Although the most common use of fillings is to fill a cavity, fillings can also be used to mend fractures and cracks within the teeth. Fillings ensure a more serious alternative of removal of the tooth itself is not necessary. Fillings may be required if there is significant tooth decay. This decay is caused by the acids in foods breaking down the tooth enamel. The plaque is caused by saliva, food and bacteria, the acid within the plaque is the cause of tooth enamel decay.

Why might white fillings in Banbury be a better alternative to standard fillings?

Our patients at Amsel and Wilkins have a variety of motivators when they decide to pursue cosmetic or dental work, however most of our patients aim for a natural looking appearance. The traditional metal looking filling has been used for many years, however with several advancements in dental work in recent years, alternatives are now available. White fillings adhere directly to the tooth, and can even be applied to the sides of teeth. White fillings can be used to replace the traditional filling, our dentists remove the metal filling, ensure all debris is also taken out, and the new white filling is directly adhered. White fillings are a subtle alternative, meaning you can maintain your natural smile whilst fixing your dental problems. At our practice, our main concern and motivator is the wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients. Our smile is a huge asset of our appearance, and having a visible filling may act to decrease this. Having the white filling adhered causes minimal discomfort , and despite common misconception are reasonably priced.

Why choose us at Amsel and Wilkins to adhere your white fillings?

At Amsel and Wilkins we take pride in our treatments. With over forty years of experience, our team consists of a multitude of professionals, including a dental therapist and a business manager. We welcome new patients of all ages and offer a variety of treatments including cosmetic work. We offer an initial consultation at our practice, helping to assure our patients queries or concerns. The wellbeing and comfort of our patients is at the heart of everything we do.

Why choose white fillings in Banbury?

It is common knowledge to most of us that standard metal fillings can be used to fix cavity decay within the mouth, therefore reducing discomfort and further damage, however standard metal fillings can be obvious within the mouth. Within modern society, several dental alternatives are available that aim to enhance your natural smile, a variety of which we offer here at our practice. We offer white fillings in Banbury to increase our patients confidence and minimise visible dental work, despite dental alterations being nothing to be ashamed of, most of our patients prefer minimal visibility when it comes to their fillings, a more natural alternative may be more attractive option for you too.

White Fillings in BanburyAt our practice we are able to replace the traditional metal filling and replace it with our subtle tooth coloured alternative. Our dentists will remove the decay, along with the metal filling and replace it with our white filling, swiftly and with minimal discomfort. This material is able to withstand long term wear, such as acidic drinks and foods, as well as offering you a more natural smile. Fillings are common within dental work, and our white alternatives allow patients to feel a higher degree of confidence within their smile.

Why would I need a filling?

Fillings are used to treat dental decay. If dental cavities are left untreated they can lead to more serious dental damage and therefore dental hygiene issues. If these cavities are unresolved they may lead to further infection which may require surgery to fix. Our dentists will advise you whether or not fillings are required, and work through the possible options, such as the white fillings here at Amsel and Wilkins.

What are the advantages of white fillings?

White fillings in Banbury are relatively inexpensive in comparison to porcelain crowns, white fillings when applied correctly adhere extremely well to the teeth, they are also able to adhere to the sides of teeth. Unlike silver fillings, white fillings are able to be applied directly to the tooth, minimising further tooth decay, white fillings last several years and are a long term alternative for our patients. Amalgam is used to create metal coloured fillings, however they can cause discoloration for surrounding teeth and may appear unsightly, metal fillings are usually used in the lower jaw however they can also be applied to the upper jaw, replacing these fillings with modern tooth coloured materials may be a good choice for our patients if they wish to increase the natural look of their smile.

Why choose us to adhere your white fillings?

At Amsel and Wilkins, we offer a modern surgery that has been upstanding for over forty years, our caring team prioritise our patients wellbeing and comfort over anything else, we welcome patients from a variety of ages and offer a variety of dental as well as cosmetic treatments. Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants are just a few of the wide selection of treatments we have to offer. At our practice we offer an initial consultation to allow our patients to make their own informed decisions.

When your wisdom teeth have to come out

Not everyone has to have wisdom teeth extractions. It depends on how your wisdom teeth come through as to whether the team at Amsel & Wilkins will recommend that you have them removed.

Extractions in BanburyWhat are wisdom teeth?

Your adult teeth come through in 2 waves. Nearly all of the teeth come through when you are aged 8-12, but there are 4 molars right at the back, one at either end of the upper and lower arches, that come through from around the age of 17-21.

The problems with wisdom teeth

The trouble is that wisdom teeth do not always come through straight. Sometimes they don’t come through at all. Other times they come through at an angle, this is what we mean when we say that your wisdom teeth are impacted.

The extraction procedure

Taking out wisdom teeth can be straightforward but your dentist may recommend a referral if it appears to be complex.  At Amsel and Wilkins we have Consultant oral surgeon  Catherine Sternberg who works alongside us , she will carry out an examination of your wisdom teeth and discuss what needs to be done, before drawing up a written treatment plan, including costs.

Generally speaking, we can remove your wisdom teeth under local anesthetic at the practice. If you are likely to be anxious about the procedure, we can also offer  referral for treatment with sedation or general anesthetic.

Go white, replace your old silver fillings

If you want to upgrade your smile and make it more attractive, have you ever considered getting your old amalgam fillings replaced with tooth coloured ones?

Go White, Replace Old Silver FillingsYou may not have, after all, fillings tend to be around the back teeth and are not always visible when you look in the mirror at yourself.

So, it may seem like a subtle thing to do, but getting your amalgam fillings replaced with tooth coloured composite can make a dramatic difference to how your teeth look.

You can have all your old fillings taken out and replaced in one or two appointments, or we can replace each filling as it wears out or starts to crack.

Tooth coloured fillings are made of a mixture of plastic and glass called composite resin. These fillings can be matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth so that they blend in very well.

Tooth coloured fillings, are built up in layers  and can be sculpted. Each layer that goes in is hardened, or cured, with a LED light before the next one goes in. When the cavity is filled, the dentist then polishes it smooth and sculpt in the mounds and valleys of the chewing surface, so you end up with a filling that looks just like a tooth.