Sparkle on the inside

Having a bit of sparkle on can make all the difference to how we feel about ourselves. Shiny jewellery, shiny bits on bags and shoes and in the hair, there is no end of body parts we like to brighten up. That said, how are your teeth doing? Is the rest of you looking amazing and highly polished and your teeth languishing, forgotten, stained and dull, behind your lip gloss?

Teeth Whitening BanburyDon’t do that to one of the most important parts of your body. People are hardwired to look at smiles to assess whether someone is friendly or not. They are hardwired to respond to a great smile with equal warmth and a desire for connection. It’s how we got through life in pre-history and how our ape friends still do a lot of their communication.

If your teeth are lovely and white, you will smile more and people will respond to you more warmly. Getting teeth whitening in Banbury is easy too. At Amsel & Wilkins, we use a brand of teeth whitening called White Dental Beauty, it’s a home whitening treatment with bespoke trays.

Here’s how teeth whitening works in our dental practice. You come in for an assessment so that we can check your discolouration can be removed with teeth whitening treatment. If it can, we then take impressions of your teeth and use them to make you a set of gel trays that will fit your teeth exactly.

You take the trays and the whitening gel home, put the gel in the trays and pop them over your teeth. You wear the trays for a short period every day and in two to three weeks, you will have great results. Of course, the more stained your teeth are, the longer it will take.

Topping up

Of course, your teeth won’t stay white forever. The stains are caused by things like tea, coffee, red wine, berries and other highly pigmented foods, as well as smoking.

You can extend the life of your whitening by brushing your teeth gently after each meal or snack. Also, now that you have the trays, you can buy more whitening gel to top up when your teeth start to become dull again.

It’s so easy to whiten your teeth

Ever noticed how the more technology we have to make life easier, the busier we seem to get? Running around for work and then to fit your own appointments after that of everyone else in the family can seem impossible sometimes. But, getting teeth whitening in Banbury does not have to be a faff when you come to us at Amsel & Wilkins.

Teeth Whitening in BanburyWith our home whitening kit, you can whiten your teeth at a time that suits you in the comfort and privacy of your home, secure in the knowledge that you are using a product that is safe for use and will not harm you.

White Dental Beauty

At Amsel & Wilkins, we have done your research for you and offer White Dental Beauty home whitening. We chose White Dental Beauty as our brand because it offers a comfortable and safe way to carry out whitening yourself at home.

But first…

Before you can get started with teeth whitening, you need an appointment to make sure that you have surface staining rather than intrinsic staining. Whitening only works on surface stains, which are traces of highly pigmented foods and drinks that have worked their way into the pores of the enamel. Intrinsic discolouration is within the structure of the tooth and cannot be removed with whitening. If you have that kind of discolouration, we can find another way to help you.

Once we have established what kind of staining you have, and how white you want your teeth to go, we can prescribe the right strength gel for you and take impressions of your teeth to make gel trays that fit you exactly. These will ensure the gel has maximum contact with your teeth without spilling over to damage your soft tissues.

How you do it

You take the kit home and use it every day for a prescribed amount of time. You simply put the gel in the trays and wear them. The process takes between one and two weeks, depending on how strong your staining is and how white you want to go.

Now that you have the trays, you can buy more gel and top up your whitening every time it starts to fade.