Experiencing cosmetic dentistry from a Dentist in Banbury

It’s a natural law of life that over time most things tend to deteriorate or get worse in some way. Whilst this isn’t the case for everything; fine wines and whiskies can improve greatly when they are left to mature over a long period of time, taking a look at a piece of rusted metal or a slice of bread that has gone mouldy, it is easy to see how things can deteriorate in quality and appearance as time goes by. Unfortunately the same is true for the human body and all of its constituent parts. One part of the body that this is especially true for is the teeth. This is because teeth are subject to damage from food, air and even from grinding against each other every single day. Over time this damage gradually builds up and it can lead to having teeth that are not particularly aesthetically pleasing, i.e. they appear more discoloured or broken in some places. Following a strict dental hygiene routine, for example by brushing teeth regularly and keeping a close eye on the types of food and drink that you consume, can be very effective in keeping the teeth white and strong. However, sometimes this alone is not enough and in these cases it is time to visit a Dentist in Banbury. A Dentist in Banbury will be able to tell you about many of the different cosmetic options available to you which can improve the aesthetic quality of your smile.


Naturally, many people may be wondering about the cosmetic benefits of visiting a Dentist in Banbury specifically. This is because our modern family dental practice – Amsel & Wilkins is based in Banbury. Here at Amsel & Wilkins our team are committed to giving our patients the highest quality dentistry using the latest dental technologies and techniques. We also take the time to get to know our patients so that we can understand them and thus take the best course of action for their mouth and their smile.

Examples of Cosmetic Dentistry

One major concern for a lot of people when it comes to oral health and appearance is that their teeth are not as straight as they might like. There are a few ways to treat non straight teeth but one of the more discrete and modern ways is Invisalign. Invisalign is a treatment that consists of a set of aligners that are worn by a patient for approximately 20-22 hours a day which gradually realign non straight teeth into a straighter position. The major advantage of this treatment is that the aligners are almost invisible, meaning that nobody will know that you are having this treatment done unless you choose to tell them.

Teeth whitening is also a common form of cosmetic dentistry, and it can help people who feel their teeth have been stained by food or drink. Often this treatment is performed at home, with the dentist prescribing their patient a plastic mouth tray with whitening gel inside, which the patient can then choose to wear at night or for a few hours a day during their normal daily routine.