Just discovered you are pregnant? 4 reasons to visit our dentist at Amsel & Wilkins

If you have just discovered that you or your partner are pregnant, congratulations! The next few months will be full of medical appointments to ensure that both you and your baby are healthy, and of course, you will want to reduce any stress as much as possible. However, while you may be planning your meeting with your midwife and GP, it is also important to book an appointment with your dental team as soon as possible.


As odd as it may sound, dental care is an important aspect of prenatal medicine, as issues with the teeth and gums can cause problems during and after pregnancy. Of course, with all the seemingly more relevant appointments you will have to attend, it is easy to overlook your dental health but for the benefit of you and your baby, it is important to book a dental check-up as soon as you discover you are pregnant.

At Amsel and Wilkins, our dental team has helped thousands of women keep their dental health in top shape during pregnancy, allowing for both a healthier pregnancy and healthier birth. Our dentist in Banbury can provide prescription-strength toothpaste and mouthwash to help you tackle the inevitable dental changes that will occur during those all-important 9 months. Perfect!

So, what are some of the common dental problems that our dentist in Banbury has seen in pregnant women? Read on to find out!

Gum disease

While gum disease can obviously occur without pregnancy, during those 9 months, you are more likely to experience swelling, bleeding and sensitivity around the gums. Due to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone, the surface of the gums can become more porous and inflamed, leading to periodontal issues like gingivitis. Our dentist in Banbury will be able to reduce the inflammation and discomfort associated with these conditions by offering you a scale and polish clean, while also prescribing a medicated toothpaste and mouthwash.


Pregnancy can also cause enamel to become thinner, meaning that you are more likely to develop cavities. Once again, our team can help by applying fluoride sealants to your teeth to protect them, while also providing you with medicated washes to remove any lingering bacteria.


While it may sound odd to say ‘don’t panic’ when the word tumour is involved, gum tumours are a common occurrence in pregnancy. Often resolving once you have given birth, these tumours are typically benign but, if they get too large, they can cause issues with both eating and breathing. If you are concerned about any growths in your mouth, talk to our dental team at Amsel and Wilkins about your treatment options.

Acid damage

With morning sickness and unusual cravings, it is likely that during your pregnancy your teeth will succumb to acid damage. Once again, our team at Amsel and Wilkins can help by providing you with a medicated mouthwash aimed at neutralising any acid. We can also apply fluoride sealants to the surface of your teeth, to strengthen the enamel against acid damage.